Advice About My Program

Hi coach!

I am reading you articles: how to design a damn good program and i got to a point where i am stuck. Will be thankful if you can give an advice. So far i have designed the following scheme:

Lower body 1
A1: Front squat
A2: Snatch grip deadlift

5 x 3 - 3 min rest

B1: Split squat
B2: good morning

5 x 8 - half minute rest

Lower body 2:
A1: Back squat
A2: Sumo deadlift

5 x 3 - 3 min rest

B1: Lunge
B2: glute ham raise

5 x 8 - half minute rest

I will be doing lower/upper body. Is this ok? If its not please make the needed corrections. will be doing them in alternating structure: i do a back squat and rest minute and half after that an deadlift etc. I dont know what to do with the upper body. Because i will be training three muscle groups - chest, back and shoulders i dont know how to structure the sets.’