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Advice about MAG-10

Hey guys I’ve been checking out this site for a while now and finally decided to register and post. It’s clear that a lot of you’s know what you’s are talking about regarding fitness/supp’s etc…

Right now I stand at 5’7, maybe 5/8 at 200 lbs. My target weight is 180-85 and I want to shed the fat pretty fast. I work out during the week usually for about 45-60 minutes followed by jump roping/cardio for a few minutes(not everyday). I’ve been thinking about getting some Mag-10 lately. I took Andro a few months back and noticed good gains and my BF% went down a bit. Will Mag-10 help me lose weight or should I focus on doing more cardio w/shorter periods of free weights? Not sure what to do as far as shedding the pounds?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

You never mentioned your diet. That comes first.

Mag10 can help you retain and maybe even build muscle while cutting fat but it’s not a specific fat loss product. Use Hot-rox if that’s your main goal. Some will disagree but I say save Mag-10 for mass phases.

Well my eating habits are kind of staggering right now. I normally eat 5 meals a day(clean) but the problem I’m having is dinner. I usually have what’s available since I don’t know how to cook. It’s usually chicken w/mashed potatoes and corn or something else with mash p’s and corn.

Right now my LBM is 160lbs and FM is 40lbs and my BF% 19.98%. I dropped about 5lbs of FM and 3% BF since January but I’m at the same weight???

To give you an idea of what I’ll be having today:
Breakfast: PB&B Shake w/8oz. (1% milk) (sometimes Kashi Medley Cereal w/1% milk)

Snack: Apple

Lunch: Ceasar Salad w/croutons and cottage chees 1%

Snack: (Before I workout) PB&J on whole wheat bread

Dinner: Whatever my girlfriend makes! (Biggest problem of the day)

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh matt8 where is your protein intake?

Let me just say that that is a horrendous diet…

Unless you are truly gifted genetically, you are not going to achieve any of your body composition goals eating that way…

i would say you need to overhaul your nutrition, but focus on one thing at a time…your goal for the next few weeks should be to ensure that every meal you eat contains at least 30-40 grams of protein…

for example, if you intend to gain lean mass or preserve lean mass while dropping bodyfat, neither an apple nor a peanut butter sandwich are ‘meals’…

keep it simple, but getting enough protein comes first…if the building blocks aren’t there, it doesn’t matter how ‘clean’ you think your diet is.

And let me add…

While mag-10 is fine and works well, you do not need it now and absolutely should not use it…go ahead and buy it but save it for later, when you know enough about training and nutrition to put it to good use.

In my opinion it’s too expensive and too serious a tool for a novice, especially when you’re at a point when simply widening your knowledge base will spark terrific gains. It’s kind of like buying a scientific calculator while you’re still learning yur multiplication tables. It’s a perfectly good tool, but you have no use for it yet.

Good luck

I agree with the above posts. Make sure you really tune up your nutrition IQ.

BUT that being said, there will be a time EVENTUALLY when Mag10 will help you out.

I would suggest buying one of the super bottles now before Mag10 disappears forever…

But keep it in the freezer until the year comes when you need it.

Mag10…the magic pill…forget the diet…sit on couch…eat mag10 daily…watch the fat melt off…

Seriously, as mentioned with above posts, erase the word supplement from your mind until you understand how to properly diet. You are definitely a candidate to read this article

It’s the diet, s-----!

Hey, thanks guys for all the input. The one thing I definitely need to understand more about is nutrition but I don’t understand how or what to eat that will give me a significant number of protein per meal. What do you guys eat on a daily basis? What should I be definitely picking up at the grocery store? Also, thanks for the link I’m going to read over it a few times to make sure I have a full understanding of eating clean. I’m definitely going to be doing more research on nutrition and eating healthier. Thanks again for your suggestions and comments.

Red meat, skinless chicken breasts, tuna,… These all need to be the main staples of your diet. Supplement with protein power when you can’t consume one of the above. 20-40g of protein per meal, 6-8 times per day. Protein should make up ~35-45(ish)% of your daily total caloric intake. And don’t forget fats. Focus on the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) that come from Omega-3 and -6. These are not naturally produced by the body and thus need to be supplemented. Try Udo’s oil blend or flaxseed oil. Eat big to get big.

Check below for additional information.

Massive Eating

Read any and all articles from John Berardi @ http://www.johnberardi.com/ or use the Previous Issues on this site to search for dieting and nutrition advice. Also the FAQ of the main page links to many of the best articles available on this site. Save the Mag 10 for Mass or until you are below 12% BF.

Quick food for those who can’t cook.

Salmon, baked on tin foil (for men who can’t do dishes) (lemon optional)
Canned tuna, 1 whole egg, 2 whites, and cyan powder. Mash it up then make patties and bake.
Lazy scrambled eggs. 2 whole, 2 whites, little skim milk. Mix it. Microwave 2 min. Mix it and add some salsa (optional), microwave some more till not runny.
Yams AKA Sweet Potato - peel, slice thin chips, non-stick spray, bake. (good carbs)

Buy a George Forman grill (or cheaper knock off). This thing is brutal to clean. Once more, it’s all about the tin foil, top and bottom. Slap extra lean ground beef in it. Chicken breast, ground turkey. Go nuts. Good way to cook veggies too. Cut up onion and broccoli.

As for eating clean. Jam ain’t clean.

Dummies guide to eating clean is if you can identify food by it main source. Bread and jam. What is it made of? Many things so not clean.

Chicken, eggs, salmon, oatmeal. What is it made of? Chicken, eggs, salmon, oats. Well that’s clean. (Exception is salsa. Just avoid any with bean or corn. Corn is a not to good carb)