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Advice About Life

Hey guys

I’m 18 years old and going into my 2nd semester of college. The new year is about to begin so everything is starting up fresh.

I wanted to make this thread to just ask for some advice from the older (or even younger) people on this board. Is there anything that changed your life? Did any one decision hold that amount of weight?

I’m just looking for some general advice/opinions of the people here. It can be about social life, religious life, or training. Maybe about school. Whatever advice you can give to an 18 year old guy.

Anything posted will be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year!

Don’t die?

[quote]TomRocco wrote:
I’m just looking for some general advice/opinions of the people here. It can be about social life, religious life, or training. Maybe about school. Whatever advice you can give to an 18 year old guy.[/quote]

Some of my thoughts about training, living, and other thingamajigs:

Just realize that at your age, you can be filtering any advice you get, on any topic from anybody, to see what sticks and what’s worth letting slip by.

take you schoolwork seriously and yourself not at all.

Start to figure out your future as best as you can right now, i.e. career and all that. The faster you get after it the better.

foam roll

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
take you schoolwork seriously and yourself not at all.[/quote]

Take yourself just seriously enough that you don’t end up as ‘the mmf guy who banged his sixth grade teacher’.

But not much more than that.

Learn to compartmentalize how you live your life and what you do for a living.

don’t waste your time getting attached to cumdumpsters

I have some decent advice for you. I’m married, 38 with 3 kids, with a good career, and I’ve seen and done some cool stuff in my 38 years. Here is some advice, some on fitness, some on life.

  • Don’t neglect working your legs. I bench 350lbs but can barely squat my weight. I regret to this day not working my legs when I was younger. I teach my boys now to squat and do deadlifts.

  • For cardio, run sprints, and forget doing long slow cardio. My legs are not entirely a lost cause because I run sprints hard 3x a week. I have not run over 300m in years, yet I’m more cut and fast than ever. Sprints are the shit. I hate running long slow distance, it sucks and it’s useless. Run sprints, your body will thank you in a few months. Warning: You will be sore as hell the first few times you do sprints. I still kick ass in flag football because I don’t get winded when playing on Saturdays.

  • Try to travel someplace, anyplace, before you settle down. And do it for more than a month, aim for at least 4 months on the road. I backpacked Europe for 6 months when I was 25. One of the best things I ever did. I even got down to Morocco and the Sahara Desert, went to Poland, Greece, French Riviera, etc. Everywhere. I learned as much doing that in 6 months that i did in college in 4 years.

  • I did a marketing internship at Disney World my senior year in college. It’s called the Walt Disney World College Program, and it’s cool as hell. Tons of people have done it, it looks good on your resume, and a lot of us still keep in contact. Very cool experience, plus you get to live in Florida.

  • On marriage: marry a competent and smart girl. Sure, looks are important. But at this stage in my life, I’d give anything to have a smart, competent woman at my side to help me deal with the shit as it hits the fan from time to time. I don’t have that in my life, and I look at my friends who do have competent wives with complete envy.

  • When you enter the American workforce, start contributing to your 401k immediately. Try to contribute 15-20% of every paycheck. Don’t do just 2% or 5%, that’s not enough. I started contributing 20% of every paycheck when I was around 23 years old, and now at 38 I have $500k in the stock market. Sure, i can’t really touch it till I’m 59 or whatever, but at least I know I have a really nice nest egg already well established, and I know someday my kids will get a sweet windfall when I die. Good stuff. You won’t even notice when you make the contributions. Just do it.

That’s all I got. Good luck!

I dont know

-When I was graduating high school, older relatives would tell me to make a 10-15 year plan…what I wanted to do, where I wanted to live, etc…and write down the steps to get there. At the time I dismissed it as overly controlling, outdated advice from the 1920s. Now, at age 30, I wish I had.

-If you’re going to University, choose a program that is either a.) directly employable upon graduation or b.) a good segue into a graduate program you want (example: kinesiology -> physiotherapy). Don’t just go for the sake of it and take some fluffy arts, history or literature degree. Employers do not give a shit about these.

-Anytime someone tells you that “these are the best years of your life”, ignore them. How the fuck do they know? My “best years” were age 26 to present…over 5 years too late according to some.

-If you have an addictive personality, stay away from drugs. Can’t even count on both hands how many guys I knew from uni who have pissed their lives away on E and coke.

-Travel somewhere that most tourists hardly venture to.

-Banging a girl in the ass is overrated. There, I said it. It took me awhile to earn my “brown belt” and it turned out to be such a non-event.

-Bang at least one really fat chick. Lots of fun

-I see that you’re a Level 4. I love Biotest, but unless you have an unlimited supply of spending money, take some and invest it on a regular basis.

Great advice by PimpBot. I second his advice regarding choosing a program at Uni (we call it “college” in the States) that is directly employable. I majored in Literature, so I was screwed coming out of college, but I’m lucky that I have an outgoing personality and have done really well in sales. The vast majority of liberal arts graduates have seemed to struggle in this economy.

The best years in my life have been my 30’s. I have money, i’m in shape, my career took off, and I’m getting ass on a regular basis.

Banging a girl in the ass is overrated, BUT (pun intended), if she offers it to you unexpectedly out of nowhere and really wants it there, it’s kind of hot.

I banged multiple fat chicks in college. All were fun. Not grotesquely fat, mind you, but big strong girls nonetheless. You can’t hurt them, as hard as you try. Good stuff.

Travel a lot, read a lot, play hard, workout always and keep your friends close.