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Advice about Incorporating High Pull and Power Clean


Hello Coach Thib and all forum users.
At last I decided to write something instead of reading forum only.

I have got question about incorporating snatch grip high pull and power clean into my routine.
I train only 2x a week hence I try to choose exercises very carefully. I do try to focus only on main, most valueable lifts (in my opinion) for me.
Here is program, quite simple and not complicated:

facepulls (for warm up and mobility before main work)
Front Squats (5x5 ramping) + Back Squats (5x5 straight)
Weighted Dips (5x5 ramping) + 3 sets bodyweight amrap
Kroc Rows (350 protocol taken from Paul Carter) - periodly change for Pendlay rows
Chins (3 sets amrap)
Grip work

Behind neck push press (5x5 ramping) + military press (5x5)
Snatch grip DL (5x5 ramping) + Rack pulls (5x5)
Neutral grip pull ups (ladder eg. from 1 to 10 and going back to 1)
Poundstone curls

I would like to incorporate snatch grip high pull and power clean into this routine. Suppose it should be at the begining (explosive lifts), thinking about 5x3 or 5x5 ramping sets. Question is - does it matter in which (A or B) I will put them or just whatever I like (like high pull for A and power clean for B for instance).

I think also about getting rid of any kind of curls from plan (well for some longer time anyway) - I guess chins and pull ups should do the work. Anyway I would like to know your opinion about high rep work at the end of workout - like Poundstone curls or overhead plate rises for 100 reps. Is it benefitial to incorporate or just do not burn myself on them and do them only if I got time and energy as some extra volume work (I like to have everything planned:)

Would be grateful for your advice and opinions of any forum users.
I do hope also that you have enjoyed your last visit in Poland:)

Thanks in advance.