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Advice about HPTA Restart

24 y/o, 6’3", 260 lbs roughly 14% bf

Blasted and cruised for ~9 months and cycled on and off for a year before with no issues and would like to come off for good due to some personal reasons. Blasts were 800 test, 400 tren per week 100 dbol ED with some halo thrown in 3 days before a PL meet. cruised on 300/wk test. typically blast for 10 weeks and cruise for 4. Started experiencing low libido and crappy boners while cruising so I came off completely and started 50 mg ED of clomid and 25mg ED tamox. Did that for 6 weeks and got blood work done and still felt like absolute shit and lifts were also shit.

results of blood test:

Saw that and ordered HCG and took 500 iu the first day 2 days later took 1000 iu and 2 days after that started 2000 EOD with aromasin eod while cleaning up my diet and eating in a slight deficit while adding cardio into the routine to lose some fat, taking zinc, DMAA and all the stuff that probably has little effect. I sleep roughly 8 hours per night, dont drink or smoke. It has been almost 2 weeks of that.and feel a little better but still low energy, low libido and weak boners and cant get a pump in the gym.

I am going to the doctor on monday to see what they say, but wondered if anyone else had any advice or important things to bring up to the doc? I’m only 24 so i figured I should have a pretty good chance at getting my natty levels back (they were in the 800s before I ever got on) but nothing seems to be working. It could all be bunk stuff that I’m using, which is why I’ll try getting pharm from the doc

I apologize if this has been brought up many times before, but my fiance is blaming herself for the libido issue so I need this fixed as soon as possible

thanks guys

or it could just be that 9 month long cycles are hard to recover from and you’re an idiot for ever expecting otherwise

thanks for the bump lol

de nada. Enjoy your fiance-less, bonerless future

I’m going through the same shit brother, but my libido is still poppin. Go on for the old protocol of hCG and clomid if you want to get off the gear.

The doses listed on that old thread are a lot higher than what you took, maybe that’ll restart your natty test production. I’m on the same tip here, so any suggestions you have let me know. I didn’t go through a monster cycle like you did but I did take Deca which I think is the main culprit of the shut down.

Does the fiance know about the steroids? If she does, show her a copy of your bloodwork, lol. Or really, even if she doesn’t know, you could show her this and just say you’re sick or something.

Anyway, here’s the deal. 6 weeks just isn’t long enough to recover. It’s gonna take some time man, like it or not. Also, running Clomind and Tamox together is not actually as good for recovery as running one or the other. But your dosing of each was fine. I would lay off both drugs for a month, and then run 6 more weeks of the tamox at 25mg ed and see what happens. It’s certainly still possible that you’ll recover, it’s just gonna be a long road. if you get to 3 or 4 months from the end of your cycle, and you’re still not seeing better bloodwork, I’d be more concerned. After 6 weeks, it’s kinda scary, but not truly alarming.

Oh and drop the aromasin man! Your estrogen is tanked! That’s the last thing you want to be using right now.

Best of luck man.

thanks man!! I’ll show all that to the doc and see what he says. my FSH and LH were still low after the first 6 weeks of clomid and nolva, which is why I thought it was bunk. Hopefully get the doc to prescribe some stuff and get rid of that variable. The end goal is to come off for good, since I did everything I wanted to accomplish in powerlifting

sorry, my response was really mean and I apologise.

Here’s what I would do:

-clomid 50mg daily for a really long time
-hMG three times a week for as long as you can afford

If you can’t get hMG then hCG but hMG would be way better suited.

If you do recover it’s going to take a really long time, so be prepared for that. It’s unlikely the clomid you’ve had so far is bunk because clomid’s cheap as chips and no one really fakes it, so you just have to be patient.

Does that apply to everyone Yogi?
The 50mg daily of Clomid
How long is a really long time and should I try the Clomid first or HCG?

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It’s all good man, thanks for the serious reply. What doses do you recommend for hmg? I can’t find many consistent answers.

And cost isn’t an issue, I’ll do whatever it takes till my future wife is popping out kids. She does know about the gear and showed her the results but it still bothers her

EDIT: I just saw your other thread. I’ll reply there

hMG will come in little 75iu vials. Take 75iu three times a week.

The mrs is always going to take shit like this personally. I tanked my libido for like 6 months after taking deca and the girl I was with was NOT impressed!

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Not to argue with you Yogi, as you are a great source of knowledge, but wouldn’t the Clomid bring his LH and FSH levels up, even if his T-levels don’t budge? With LH and FSH completely undectable, there may be a “chance” the clomid was fake.

For my restart last year, 3 months of 25 mg Clomid, ed/eod/e3d brought my testosterone into the 600’s with LH/FSH flagged above normal. Then it tanked once I came off, and slowly crept back up and stabilized in the low-mid 400’s approximatley 2 months after my last dose.

argue away, mate! We’re all friends here. Well, kinda…

Yeah I mean the clomid’ll do that assuming it works, which it’s not guaranteed to do. If it were, then no one would ever be prescribed injectable test.

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Your Clomid is garbage. Buy pharm grade.

I was shut down longer than you, 18 months on TRT. Did 25mg Clomid only for 6 weeks. Labs came back with 635 TT and 5.4 LH.

Again, get real Clomid.

If your Clomid was actually pharm grade, then the top end of your HPTA is fucked and you’re in for a long recovery.

Did you use HCG during your blast and cruise?

that’s really interesting about your results from clomid.

Aren’t you on TRT? How come you decided to use the clomid?

EDIT: durrr, you clearly said in your post you were on TRT. But still, why’d you try the clomid?

I wanted to test if Clomid will work on TRT dose of test. It didn’t. So I said fuck it, I have all this Clomid in my system now, let me stop TRT injections for 6 weeks to see what happens. Those are the labs surprisingly after a prolonged shut down.

My point is, HPTA is not as brittle as one may assume. If I had to put money on it, I’d say OP just has fake Clomid.

That’s really interesting. Clomid gets a bad rap but it does some pretty interesting shit.

I think there’s just too much genetic variation to say one way or the other. We get poor bastards on here shut down for months after prohormone use, and there’s dudes I know who just inject whatever they can get their hands on, no AI, no PCT, and they recover fine.

The more PCTs I do, the more I think about shit like this

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