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Advice About Clomid

after doing some reading I would like to take 25mg of clomid once per day.

I am doing this to raise my t levels and to build more muscle.

reference ranges 249-836. I am 574.

is it safe and legal to order from the internet with no prescription?

thank you

A Total T in the absence of SHBG and free T is an incomplete picture, Free T is the bioavailable hormone circulating in the blood while Total T is bound to SHBG and is not bioavailable.

I’ve never heard of anyone taking clomid to build muscle, if you do more research, you will find men struggle to feel normal on clomid and some downright suicidal.

Do to my lower SHBG, a 574 Total T is optimal for me and if I was unable to build muscle, it would be due to genetics and not hormones.

thank you

I seemed to respond well to clomid initially, I was around 350 when I first started taking 50mg a day and it brought me up around 800 and I felt great. The problem was that after I stopped my levels plummeted to around 200.