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Advice, 8wk cycle Test E Frontload & Anavar


Hi All,

I have done 1 cycle previously which was 12 weeks Test E @ 500mg and week 1-5 Dbol @ 40mg. This went very smoothly with a total gain of 10kg and now 4 weeks after finishing PCT i have kept 8.5kg of that.

I like the idea of shorter cycles but don't feel ready to jab eod with prop for 8 weeks so i am thinking of doing something like this.

8 Week cycle

First jab frontload 750mg test e.
wk 1-6 500mg test E. Inject 250mg every monday and thursday
wk 7-8 test P 150mg eod
wk 1-8 anavar 80mg ed
wk 1-8 HCG 250iu twice a week
wk 1-8 adex 0.25mg eod

PCT 3 days after last test p jab
Nolva 40/40/20/20

Please let me know if this is set up correctly. I am not sure about the following.

Is the prop dose too high?
Is the anavar dose ok?
Is 3 days the correct amount of time to wait before starting PCT with this amount of Prop?
Does the frontload look ok?