Adverse Effects 2 Months After 24-Week Test Cycle

hi just looking to see if anyone has ever had any long lasting side effects long after finishing a test cycle,

im 34 years old been lifting all my life.
I’ve done maybe 5 or 6 cycles in my life never anything massive I’ve always kept it between 500mg and 1000mg per week usually enanthate, cyp or prop…

I’ve always ran hcg towards the end of a cycle along side a 4 week pct and always felt fine after the 4 week pct was over.

this year i ran test for 24 weeks at 500mg per week for 8 weeks cruising and then 1000mg per week for 8 weeks followed by 500mg for the final 8 and had decent results.

i came off at the start of september with my final shot in the first week of that month… felt fine throughout september but then towards the end of the month was having headaches and migraines daily… sometimes they were unbearable, i had the usual aches and pains and feeling low which is pretty normal for me coming off test i just usually ride it out for a few weeks and i feel fine afterwards.
however these side effects although they have eased off a little and the headaches have stopped i am still feeling pretty crappy everyday… I’ve also been getting some dizzy spells… they’re not really bad but they do cause me some concern as I’ve never had them before… over the past month these effects have started to ease off and i do generally feel better each week but surely i shouldn’t be feeling like this almost 2 and a half months after my final shot…

could low testosterone cause all of these effects.

its also given rise to my anxiety that i used to suffer with years ago. i used to get shooting pains in my left side went to many kinds of specialists to rule out a heart condition had lots of tests and i was found to be fine…

im also still having trouble sleeping I’m waking in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep…

anyone else ever had anything similar? am i just getting older now and maybe its taking me longer to get over a steroid cycle longer than it used to when i was in my 20s…

I’ve never had dizzy spells post cycle before. never had migranes and headaches…
anxiety and sleepless nights…

What was your pct drug of choice and how long did you run it? What is your current blood work telling you?

Hi Iv had a similar situation at the moment,
Iv done arond 6 or so cycles my whole life im 28yrs old and all my past cycles I bounced vack perfect even with out pct,
This time i run my first PCT after the cycles its now just under 1 year from discontinuing the cycle and Im still not fully back, my free test is low, I have high total testosterone but low free testosterone, and high shbg,
So i think its just the way things go, you can run 10 cycles be fine and then on the 11th be totally messed up, or some people are messed up from the first 1, now I think il end up on trt if im not better in 1 month,

That is a ridiculously long time to run a cycle. Also a gram a week of test is hardly mild. Doesn’t shock me but I’m also stuck on TRT. That may be your only option now.

As @iron_yuppie said… we need to know what lab work shows. In addition to male hormones I would get a CBC and CMP.

1g test for 24 weeks? I thought I was balsy xD

1g of test for 8 weeks.

I’ve been researching about this since I’m experiencing something like it now. I started getting migraines and headaches (never happened before) about 9 weeks into my blast. Don’t take an AI and started to research about dopamine and estrogen. Excess dopamine is thought to be a factor in migraines (they even say eat less protein if you’re prone to migraines), and higher estrogen allows more dopamine receptors to be occupied. That can mean anxiety and migraines. Testosterone raises serotonin, and makes you feel good while you’re on it. But when you go off, it takes a little while for levels to go down and e2 stays elevated a little longer (depending on how you metabolize estrogen). Lower T, higher e2, high protein diets, all a recipe for migraines and anxiety.

This is my non-scientific research and thought process here. If someone knows more about how all this works, I’d love to hear about it. I’m lowering my dose now to see if it gets better.


I never had a migraine until I started trt. Now I get a few a month. If I get them more than a few days in a row I know I need to take an AI (which I normally do not use). N of 1, sure, but it works for me.

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I didn’t realize this was such a common thing. Does taking the AI usually help?

It helps me almost immediately, but it took me a while to learn that this was even a thing. In between that time and when the migraines started was a truckload of NSAIDs and a lot of bad days.

Well, I’ll try taking .25mg anastrozole tonight. I never put the two together (high e2 and migraine) until I started reading about why migraines happen, and that led to dopamine and that led to e2. I stopped my AI a few months ago to see what would happen. This is the only negative side effect so far