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Adventure Racing + Size = ???

Hi guys,

Hoping to get some feedback from members as well as some of the T-Nation contributors (Chad, Joe, Ian etc)

Have been serious lifter for more than ten years. Love it! Have been through a lot of different training, supplements as well as a few cycles. Fractured vertebrae a few years back. Unable to do my big power moves anymore, but still lift heavy and simple heavy compound stuff as well as bodyweight stuff. Decent size (6’2", 210 pounds, lotsa abs, veins, quite hard).

Anyway, just getting into adventure racing and love it. Am torn betwen maintaining/increasing size which I want to do but find that lugging around this extra mass makes running and MTBing through the bush for hours on end a lot more difficult.

Question is: Do I have to choose (size or endurance?) or can I just train smarter? Also thinking a light cycle of Stanazol would be beneficial in holding size while being able to race.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.