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Advantage: Kourinkova


Okay...here's the deal...I know Sports Writers aren't naive...in fact, contrary to popular belief, most are pretty knowledgeble guys. So WHAT that Anna doesn't win tournaments? Here is my take: 1)Endorsements are given IN ORDER TO SELL PRODUCT! Anna sells product. 2)She is STILL one of the top tennis players in the world. 3) Like it or not; getting the endorsement deal is because you have that amorphous, hard-to-define "complete package" that the public will buy. Anna has it. I am not part of a Kourinkova fan club; far from it. But I'm ALSO not part of the sports "pseudo-purist" (whatever the hell that is...)that believe she is all "smoke and mirrors". I think the "Girl Got Game..."...and knows how to play it...


Mufasa, back in high school, I was a county-ranked singles player, so I appreciate the game ... however, talent or no talent, if Anna is on the TV screen, I am watching.


Anna Kournikova?!? Where? Does my hair look okay? How's the tan? Does my ass look too big in these jeans? Shit man, I KNOW I have a chance with her, I just KNOW it. She would really like me if only we could meet. What products does she endorse? I think I need some....


I think Anna is a very naughty girl and needs a good spanking.
A GOOODD SPANKING !!! Can I hear an Amen!?


Yeah, but still, the least she could do is win just ONE little podunk tournament in West Middle Madagascar or sumthin'. She has not won a SINGLE tourney! The girl's obviously got some talent, but she just hasn't shown much of it, at least not on the tennis court.


She has got to be a good player to get the ranking but they are stuffed anyway with Hingis at no.1 for so long and no majors for ages. Commercially AK is a goldmine and the average peron couldn't care whether she has won or not.


I happen to live near Anna and one thing that she definately has is....attitude!