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Advanced Stealth


Has anyone bought anything through this site before?


They make some pretty big claims to have never had an order seized. Liquid Clomid is an interesting one too.

Any comments on it would be most appreciated.




is that you in the avatar? you dont look like u even need AAS...


This is a fine example of someone that failed to read the previous posts. If he had, he would realize many people are financially familiar with A-S.
The attack of the noobe's continue...


Juicy, is that you in your avatar? You look like you need to lose some weight!


McDonalds made me fat...


Fine. I haven't got all day to fuck around on the Internet and sometimes a new post will yield the results I would have wanted. As far as newbs go, I might be one in the steroids category at T-Nation, but I've been on this site and AAS for quite some time.

So thanks for pointing me in the direction of a few threads that might help me out.

Thumbs up dipshit.


Take a fucking guess. I want to buy something from there!

I live in Australia and supply rarely equals demand with the stringent laws. So the price of AAS is sky high and this looks like a financially better option.


I wish I was as big as the guy in my Avatar. That would be sweet.




Advanced Stealth does not suck! They deliver in 15 days and their sust doesn't burn if you mix it down. So there.

P.S True dipshits don't have thumbs.


De sleeplijn (Dutch for 'Troll', am I correct, lol), from what I have heard on other forums, the party ended about 6 months ago for getting Advanced Stealth into Australia. Customs and Quarantine Services were doing an audit and they know about the sachets since they have seized a quantity of them. So now they can recognize those and the stealth has been compromised. So it's likely that an order of Advanced Stealth to OZ would get seized. Advanced Stealth's claimed success rate is also BS from what I have heard.


Sustanon that dosen't burn. That's a new one.
Is it real?


Thanks for the info there JohnnyBlaze. Much appreciated. I can't really complain about a country that works hard not to let illegal objects in but AAS is so trivial in the grand scheme of things.

I would have thought that 100% is a stupid claim by Advanced Stealth. Even if you have got 100% not many people would believe it.

On the trolling matter. Those days are done. The BOSU phase is in my rear view mirror and I am enjoying getting my size back.