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Advanced Stack: What to Add?

So I’ve run several cycles in the last few years. My last few were this:

6 wks - 50 mg DBol (Every Day)
16 wks - 1000 mg test week (500 split)
16 wks - 600 mg Deca week (300 split)
16 wks - 1 mg Anistrazol EOD

What would you recommend adding for next cycle? Quantities? Times a week? Where in cycle?

Friend suggested this:
6 wks - 50 mg DBol (ED)
16 wks - 1000 mg test week (500 split)
16 wks - 600 mg Deca week (300 split)

100 mg Trenbolone Acetate (EOD wk 5 - 10)
100 mg Anavar (ED, wk 10- 16)
500 mg Masteron week (wk 10- 16)

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Bro, I wouldnt “add anything.” Just swap the deca for a new compound youre interested in.

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It looks good, seriously , you are using the most cost effective blend.
i just don’t like orals. Maybe add boldenone to substitute dbol ?
Maybe i would add caber for decadick.


Any others have thoughts on this?

Using that much test and deca for 16 weeks should be more than enough. The dbol at the beginning seems a little heavy, and my only concern would be the management of e2. If you can control that based on your previous experiences then it’s probably fine. I don’t see a need to add anything. Once you’re at a gram of testosterone and 600mg of nandrolone it’s hard to justify needing a lot more on top of that. Is this for aesthetics or for sport? If you’re a PL (I’m doubting that based on how you look) then maybe you could make an argument for adding lots of other stuff. But if it’s for looks then I can’t imagine needing more than you originally outlined.

I use Anistrazol for e control and have no issue. I don’t make my own T so the first 300 is to get to normal. But it works pretty well. Have made massive gains in my first two years lifting. Just getting some opinions since my bodybuilding friend in Houston suggested this. I appreciate all the input. So far it seems like just keep doing what I’ve been doing.

Yeah man, when you find what works you milk it for all it’s worth. What’s your TT get to on 300mg?

About 800 to 1200

This is a good second half.

However, I think you should drop the deca for the Tren, unless you wanna get a heart attack doing both at the same time, Tren is way stronger than Deca.

Maybe your body is insanely strong I don’t know, but if I ran 600 deca and added 100mg tren eod, I’d probably die.

I have ran Tren 100MG Eod, with 500 Mast, and Anavar the same stack, with winstrol, got awesome results from that.

Just cant imagen having 1000 test and 600 deca on top of that, my heart would explode.

I guess some people are lucky lol.

That’s a low response. I’d be pretty bummed if I had to use 300/w just to get to 800. But I guess it hasn’t hurt you so far, so maybe it’s not a big deal. How’s your HCT on that kind of dose?

Something doesn’t add up. Where do you get your T?

So I’m on 200 a week, 300 was a typo. Get the test from Walgreens.

That makes way more sense.