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@chris_colluci I’m desperately trying to track down a google drive link I lost when my
Phone broke. I’m almost positive I’ve posted it on the forum once. Is there anyway for me to search for hyperlinks I’ve posted?

I’m not Chris and I’m sure a better way exists but you have 2100 posts from what I see. You could start going through them especially if you have any idea of the time frame. For instance if you know it’s been over a year that would save some time.

I’ve struggled with using advanced search before but if you have to do it the hard way you don’t have too many posts to go through. It would take me a lot longer but I’ve been here for 17 years…

I’m not sure when I posted it. I started to do that But I realized some of the longer posts only get a small portion shown when you look at your activity. It would take so long to click on all the posts lol. But if that’s the only way then so be it.

No I’m sure it’s not but it’s all I got if you have no idea how to search for it by a key word. Maybe Chris has a quicker way. You could always knock out a few hundred here and there. Just make sure your net is quick lol. Good luck man!

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I think you are out of luck, searching for drive.google.com yields plenty of results but filtering by you doesn’t illicit any results

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Thanks for trying!!!