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Advanced Protein

Hey guys. If you get on a plane, be sure to put CHOCOLATE advanced protein in your nalgene bottle and not vanilla. Let’s just say that I caused some problems for bringing my vanilla protein powder on carry on. You’d be surprised at how that “mysterious white powder” can look like Anthrax!

Back when Grow! came in tubs, I flew to Cali and packed a bunch of it with me in plastic baggies- vanilla. I didn’t think about it until I got there but having a suitcase full of white powder in baggies probably isn’t that smart! I could see it now, “Really officer, just taste it! It’s protein, I promise! Taste it!” Luckily I wasn’t searched. Didn’t have a Testosterone jacket then. I always get searched these days when wearing my jacket! I’m tired of da man persecutin’ me and my peoples! :wink:

Chris, next time you get searched just roll your eyes and say “Thank God you don’t do a rectal cavity search!”…or…well, maybe not.