Advanced Protein

Stupid question: Can advanced protein be mixed with a spoon? I can’t blend at work and I am interested in the product. Another quick question: Is Biotest going to produce an Advanced Protein Bar?

I haven’t mixed advanced protein just by using a spoon, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You probably won’t get that good a mix though. I would recommend buying a shaker bottle or cup, they don’t make too much noise when shaking and are only a few bucks.

Yes! Just add a little bit of water and mix it up like a paste to get all the lumps out before adding water to get your desired consistency. Works great!

right on brian! there is nothing more frustrating than endlessly pushing protein powder balls trying to get the stuff to mix. oh, and when you are mixing the paste together use the back of the spoon until it gets good and smooth. kevo

I think TC said the bars are coming, but MAG-10 and M are coming first. I think that was in reader mail. I use a shaker with AP when away from the blender. Try that, though a spoon works. God I love that stuff! I’d eat the powder plain!

I mix it up in a bowl to the consistency of frosting. Sometimes I’ll dip some strawberries in it. Tastes awesome.

Try mixing chocolate AP with plain, non-fat yogurt. Tastes like choloate pudding and has a great macronutrient profile for protein/carb meals.