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Advanced protein for post workout

OKAY… now i am really confused… everyone was talking about the postworkout drink… and now everyone is talking about the Advanced Protein formula… I just preordered 3 jugs of this stuff… should I use it for my post wporkout drink untill the real post workout drink comes in? or is this supposed to be a meal replacement thing… someone fill me in please

It’s probably not what you want for pre/post-workout precisely BECAUSE it’s carb-free (or at least low-carb), and in those situations you want carbs. Heaps of them–especially after a workout. And since T-mag has often suggested that youtake up to half of you day’s budget of proetin with carbs right after a workout, you might want to stick with Grow mixed with other carbs for those occasions. AP is gonna be great stuff, but let’s face it–it’s a 2-pound tub that costs more than Grow. So use it for protein sources other than your pre/post workout.

The new low carb protein can be used for a variety of situations. You can use it during a low carb diet. (That’s what I’ll use it for.) You can use it to bump up the protein in your regular MRP. Yes, you could use it post workout, especially on a low carb diet, but it’s better to get some carbs after training. The new pw drink will be cool, no doubt, but for now I just mix Grow! with fruit or mix it with skim milk for postworkout. Not fancy, but it works for me.

I wonder this will be good to use in the mass phase of the Anabolic Diet? As everyone knows, not a whole lot (probably no one) of T-maggers have been able eat all that protein that you’re required to eat.