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Advanced Lifter Considering Steroids

What’s up everyone I’m new here but not new to lifting at all. I’m 28 y/o 5’7" ~165 @ about 9% body fat. Been serious about lifting since 2012 and I think I’m ready to take it to the next level. Just wondering what your recommendations would be. Any links to where a beginner should start to look for legit information.

Another thing to note; I know I don’t want to be on or have to cruise for the rest of my life. I’ve been a natty lifter for the last 7 years and don’t want to have to spend the money to pin myself or need TRT for the rest of my life. I’ve come close to if not hit my natural limitations. I see a lot of stuff on the internet about not taking an Anavar only cycle and that’s what I was originally considering.

So my next thoughts are Test E + Anavar.

Shoot me some links for me to research or drop your thoughts here on what you would recommend and advanced weight lifter to do for a first cycle.

General first cycle advice will be the same across the board: 500mg Test E per week, pinned twice a week, 10-12 weeks. It’s the easiest way to control side effects while still making great progress. Anavar is pretty low impact as far as orals go, but I would not use it at the beginning of a first cycle. If you absolutely cannot live without it then use it at the end rather than the beginning of a cycle.

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Yes, let me get right on that for you sir, lol.

See, research is doing it yourself, not following up on the work of others.

Before you “take it to the next level,” you might want to check out the FFMI which indicates you can get to 175 before juicing.

However, this

is all you really need to know.

If you go for it, start a log here.

Good luck.

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175 and what body fat? I’ve been there before but obviously slightly higher body fat lol. My chest/back measurements are the only thing not up to par for Steve Reeves ideal body measurements not that that matters but my fitness frame is very full for my bodyweight. That’s good to know tho thanks for the advice.

At 5’7 165, I don’t think you’re as advanced as you think.

Bodyfat is completely arbitary and isn’t as accurately measured as people generally think it is.

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I agree with the first part about the stats.

As far as BF being arbitrary and inaccurately measured I beg to differ.

People tend to use bullshit methods like scales to determine BF. If done properly (as in following directions of the test) with a dexa scan or air displacement test I think it’s very accurate and also very important to know. Height /weight really mean nothing without an accurate BF to follow up.

Google FFMI and play with the numbers. At 175 and 9% your FFMI is 25, the threshold for natty. If you were 6%, it would be 170.

My point, and I made it poorly, is that there is a lot that goes into this other than “deciding to take it to the next level,” and “what’s a good cycle?”

A lot of guys will give you shitty advice - 500 Test C, .5 Adex EOD, Dbol first four weeks, Anavar last four, etc…

Problem is, you don’t know it’s shitty advice because you didn’t do your own research.

AAS will affect everybody differently. That’s why this

is good advice. However, you probably don’t know why it’s good advice because you haven’t done your own research.

So, keep reading man, be patient.


Definitely agreed, but unfortunately most people aren’t doing dexascan or air displacement to monitor bodyfat, but rather walmart scales with the metal thing.

But definitely with you since 5’8 200 at 40%, 20%, and 10% bodyfat are all drastically different physiques

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One of those news networks dateline or ABC did a study on these BF scales they got like 6 of the top brands (recent study)

They had females and males of all different body comps and the results compared to accurate scans were ridiculously off. Some people were as much as 10% off in either direction.

Thats why when people list a body fat I always ask how they came up with that number.

I stay mostly here in the pharma section but I always reccomend to everyone along with pre cycle bloods and education they need to spend the money to get a accurate BF test and follow the directions of the test. If someone doesn’t have the money to do it they shouldn’t be messing with steroid.

For instance when the OP here says “about 9%” this leads me to believe he really has absolutely no idea what his body fat% is.

You should be able to list your body fat in the format of #. #% not “about”

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True, and I hate when people just straight up estimate it


Lol I’m pretty bottom of the barrel as a powerlifter and I don’t even consider myself close to advanced. While your lifts are impressive at 165, I don’t think it yet warrants steroid use. Most of my teammates are 148-165, natty, and lift as much as I do or close to it.

That being said, I think you can max out more as a natty just by gaining more mass (and even bodyfat), and maybe consider something when you’re in your 30s

I’m not so concerned with strength tbh, especially for 1 rep. I just want a little more size and whenever I bulk up I just seem to gain fat, which is why I feel I’m close or at my natural limitations. I’ve been up to 220 lbs on a bulk a few years ago, wasn’t pretty lol.

I’m not in a rush to take anything obviously I’ve been natural for almost a decade but progress is real slow these days as we all know it has to slow down eventually. I try to get as lean as I can every year and I always end up in the 160’s just a little bigger. I want to have the classic physique look where I think I need to add about 10-15 pounds of muscle for the look I want.

Im natty elitist af, so anything past this point is out of my scope.

YOu considered getting bloodwork done? Other people here can give you better feedback based on that.

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You have a decent physique. Altho I didn’t see any legs or back so I’m only judging from one angle.

Anyways moving forward I think a cycle is fine I’m not going to speculate your BF% but I can see it’s low enough that you should be able to bulk nicely with a testosterone cycle.

Get your pre cycle bloods and get a accurate BF scan and blast away.

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