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Advanced GVT Problem


I need help changing exercises in AGVT because I dont have equipment to preform them :

1.30-degree Incline Barbell Presses(maybe flat bb banch instead)
2.Farmer?s Walks
3.Low decline close grip bench presses

  1. yah flat is fine instead of 30 degree incline

  2. deadlift, stiff leg deadlift, barbell lunges you have lots of choices

  3. you could do dips instead


ok , thanks , but also I'm interested in changing day 7 maybe like this :

A1)deadlift (instead front squat)
A2)leg extension quads.
B1)Glute-ham Raises
B2)one leg squat DB


maybe some other suggestion for day 7 ?




Use plates to put underneath your bench to elevate your legs. Thats how you get decline bench.

Best regards from CRO!!!!


day 7 looks fine


thanks for help.

and I'm glad that here are people from ex YU(bodybuilding is conecting what politicians destroyed)(hvala na pozdravima)