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Advanced GVT for Strength & Powerlifting?


Hey y'all, I was wondering, did any of you do advanced GVT? I looked online and didn't really get the answer: do I really get stronger in the advanced GVT or is it just muscle endurance and that shit and you don't actually get stronger?
Because I know that technically you can are getting like 10% stronger after 2 months.
So if I can squat 500 the weeks will go:

that's getting 25-35 pounds stronger in 1 month (between the 10X5s the 10X4s and the 10X3s)
So is it really getting 35 pounds stronger or is it just that the body is adapting to the new stress and you only get big but not strong?


it will make you stronger, just make sure your recovery is on point as it is a tough program


How much will it make me stronger? Is it really getting that much stronger? Will it be smart to do for powerlifting purposes?
And I'm familiar with GVT, I did the basic 10X10 before I started training for strength, so I know how to recover propertly


Any other comments? Anybody had experience with AGVT?


Its geared more towards strength than mass so yeah its a good choice for powerlifting.

Re progress -that's a bit like asking how long is a piece of string -depends on tons of different factors your training age, genetics, what your diet is like etc etc.

If you follow it diligently you should PR on most lifts which you cant say for every program


Alright, thanks I'm convinced :smiley: I'll do Advanced GVT after my upcoming meet :slight_smile:


I can't say I'm familiar with this version, but high sets and low reps are fantastic. 10x3, 12x2, etc. can be great, and really reinforce technique if performed correctly throughout.