Advanced German Volume Training - Question

Well, this is routine was here a few years back. Seemed attracting and hot, though there weren’t much results in the comments. So if anybody has experiences with it please share!

I don’t want to waste 2 months for nothing… well I don’t think it is that bad. With 10x10 there were negative feedbacks, I hope not with this one. I am thinking of using it in summer.

How much strength and size did anybody gain? I’m more interested in bench press increase and triceps growth, these are lagging.

I used this program almost 2 years ago and had great results. Especially when I concentrated on my chest/back grouping. If I did DB bench, then I did DB rows with the same weight for back. If I did barbell bench, I did BB row with the same weight.

In short, I got very strong and pretty well “conditioned” with this workout. Try it, I’m sure you’ll be pleased if you stick with the big lifts like squats, BB rows, deads, etc.

You may ask why I don’t continue with this program, I decided after doing it that I really liked low rep work, and I liked getting stronger…so I started powerlifting. I may go back to this workout sometime for the conditioning aspect of it.

I should also add that I began this program following a couple of rounds of OVT. I think it really lends itself to the intermediate to advanced lifter that has enough “lifting age” to benefit from lower rep work.

Definitely do the advanced one and not the normal 10 x 10. And did the standard 10 x 10 and felt weak due to the low intensity(% of 1RM) when i went back to another routine.

Poliquin does hint that if you have been training seriously for years the advances GVT is the way to go.