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Advanced Genetics Alive and Well

Last week a couple of comments in some posts regarding the fine glutamine/BCAA product GlutaCene struck me as odd. People remarked that Advanced Genetics, producers of GlutaCene, were suddenly out of business. As I’d been in touch with someone in their marketing department only days before, this sounded wrong to me. I have checked with the company, and am happy to report they tell me they’re alive and well, open for business as always, and have had no closures or downtime at all, and in fact wonder where such rumors are coming from. So don’t worry, GlutaCene continues to be produced, as is the rest of the Advanced Genetics line.

I got the rumor from local gym rat who turned me on to glutacene. guess that’s what i get for listening to local gym rats, that and really bad pre-contest advice.