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Advanced Fat Loss

Suppose for a moment that you're speaking to someone interested in fat loss as their main goal.  They're already doing quite a few things right (list below), what additional steps, if any, would you recommend for faster/better results:

1) They track their calories daily and always hit within 5% of their target number.

2) They eat pretty clean, avoiding products with sugar, corn syrup, potatoes, and white flour.

3) They eat six meals a day, approximately three hours apart.

4) They consume 1.25g of protein per pound of lean body mass per day minimum.

5) They drink 64oz + 8oz per 25lbs overweight of water every day at a minimum.

6) Supplements include protein powder, creatine, fish oil, multivitamin and green tea.

7) They lift weights regularly, using mostly compound movements and free weights. Current routine consists of a 4 on 1 off schedule, with three exercises per day performed 5x5. Exercise selection includes military press, pullups, crunches, squat, stiff legged deadlifts, shrugs, bench press, cable row, curls, dips, and forearm roller.

8) They perform regular cardiovascular exercise. Total cardio time per week is about an hour and a half, current exercise is seated bike.

9) Bodyfat and weight are tracked regularly with diet adjusted as necessary to generate an appropriate rate of fat loss.

10) Calories are cycled to prevent metabolic slowing.

11) Overall program compliance is over 90%


Simple answer...try lowering calories. And depending on what exactly he eats (which you didn't list), one might assume he's eating carbs at the wrong times too perhaps.


Make your 90 minutes of biking into Tabata or HIIT.