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Advanced Cycle Advice?

Hello everyone, I am new to these forums but was looking on a little advice/input for my next cycle I have planned for later this year.

I have 6-7 cycles under my belt and I only do about 1 per year. My training and nutrition are on point and I’m sitting at around 9-10% BF right now. My next cycle im doing mainly a cutting/recomp stack with most compounds on the milder side of things.

Here’s my plan
Week 1-12 Test P
Week 1-12 Primo
Week 1-6 tbol
Week 1-6 anavar low/med dose
Week 2-8 NPP
Week 3-9 Mast E
Week 6-12 Proviron
Week 7-12 Inj. Win

Primo 700/week
Tbol 40-60mg a day
Test prop 400-500/week
Mast E 400-600/week
Proviron 70-100 mg
Inj. Win 50mg/day
NPP 400-600/week

Exemstane 12.5 mg EOD
Clomid 50/50/25/25
Nolva 40/20/20/20
Hcg 500iu ED
Will have caber on hand

And of course a bunch of vitamins/supplements including ru58841 and TUDCA/NAC/Milk Thistle for liver support

I’d appreciate all input. On dosages mainly & when would be the best time to start/end the hcg, the best dosage of caber if I need it and when, and if I should drop some of the aromasin later on in the cycle when I’m running the mast/proviron.

Ill be getting bloods every 3-4 weeks while on cycle

Wow that’s a lot of gear! I can think of some guys who’d be interested in this thread and maybe can chime in

@unreal24278 @iron_yuppie

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