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Advanced CNS Testing Method

ok well not advanced, actually pretty simple… i’m sure some of you may actually use something similar, but i find plenty of people don’t realize how effective this simple method is.

stop watch double click: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKsnIq3s9No

simply put, i use it to guide my workouts… if i’m consistently getting bad numbers that morning, then jumping/dunking/sprinting MAX is out of the question… submax work could be done as recovery, but i know that by getting bad numbers I will have a shitty power/speed session, happens every time. When i’m getting insanely good numbers (0.07-0.10 on nearly every click), I’m at peak levels and PR’s seem to go hand in hand with how well I am performing on my SWDC’s.

For me:

  • CNS fatigued: .13+
  • Feeling pretty good: Mostly .09-.12
  • Firing optimally, peaked, fully recovered: .07-.11

So if you’re into AREG/cns testing check out the vid, that’s just an example session… there’s a small article link in the description if you’re more interested.

That shit is fun too :F


ps: for those of you who know me on here, i basically detrained my vert completely for 6 months and went back to 0, basically to give vert training without weights a shot, always been a big experiment i wanted to do… so far so good, i’m back up to 35" rvj at peak… got to get 40+ this time though :slight_smile:

here’s a video of some footage i put together, from august 2009, before i detrained completely:

here’s a nice make recently, only bodyweight/sprint/jump/plyo/nutrition training:

ok ok enough whoring, positive/negative comments welcome…

hope the SWDC CNS TESTING stuff helps someone though, I find it very effective, no bullshit.

Interesting. Maybe I’ll try to get some samples from myself and the kids I train.

[quote]jtrinsey wrote:
Interesting. Maybe I’ll try to get some samples from myself and the kids I train.[/quote]

ya cool try it out & share some feedback, would be appreciated! some watches suck for quick double clicking though, hope you have a nice one for it… the ACCUSPLIT watch in the vid works perfectly for it, but i’ve tried a few other stopwatches and they sucked.