Advanced Beginner, Program Jumper

whats the best program for a ADD program jumper???please help…its driving me nuts

i’ve been doing (a) Squats, bench, OHP and (b) dead, rows, pullups every monday, wednesday, friday and just alternate between “a” and “b” days. this only take about an hour or so, and leaves time for extra shit which i sometimes do. it hits all the major muscle muscle groups and depending on how i feel that day and whatnot, allows me to go heavy or keep it light and focus on hypertrophy.

i either stick to a 3x5, 5x5, or 8x4 for the most part depending on how i feel and what i’m trying to accomplish with whichever lift (deads and squats are fewer reps as a foundation of strength is pretty much the best and only reason to do them, whereas with shoulders and if i am feeling up to it triceps and bi’s, the motivation is more cosmetic… at least for me anyway. i’m pretty sure i still have ADHD, i know i did as a kid. anyway this routine works pretty well for me. i just need to stop eating like a fat ass all the time. thats probably more due to the pot than the ADHD though.)

The one he will stick to. I would do a 5x5 for a while since the constant progression is entertaining in itself… But in the long run, the sexy programs will also be the inefficient ones. Good programming usually means doing the same thing for many weeks, even months, without changing anything but the weights and reps.

Honestly probably something along the lines of Westside. Your stuck in a template but, the one of the main aspects of the program is the constant rotation of exercises, how they are performed, the rep ranges, and a few other variables. So even though your def following a set template the variation could be enough to keep you happy and motivated. If not then I guess your kinda screwed and stuck with just making what ever gains you make from jumping from program to program.