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Advanced 5/3/1


Anyone else have experience with this template?

Week 1 - 5x5 at 75%
Week 2 - 5x3 at 85%
Week 3 - 5x1 at 95%
Adjust TMs and start over

Currently running it 2 days a week


Started with an 85% TM. Never miss reps, all reps are explosive and continue to get stronger. Deload after 5 cycles forward, then 3 steps back and start again. Should I be deloading more often than every 15 weeks with this training frequency?


I use it with great success - I am using it with bench/ military right now;
The other two I am doing with 5-3-1 pl + fsl.
It is not the way it is written in the book as far as doing everything else advanced
and flipping the assistance - but I really like the way my bench responds -
In the book Jim mentions that you start to pick up speed as you go through the sets
-I find this true - so I always leave the gym feeling good even though I am not repping out
I do not use it with the other lifts because for whatever reason I like torturing myself with rep maxes
But I am sure it works well with this too


It works, 3 days/week here, main lifts paused, bar speed good. EXACTLY AS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK.