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Advanced 5/3/1


Hey Jim I've been using the advanced 5/3/1 template for some time now with great success. My squat, bench, and deadlift have responded tremendously to the template but my press has ran into the wall, again. I've followed many of your templates the way they're written with great success. This is the 2-3rd time I've stalled out at a TM of 185 for my press. I recently started BBB alongside the template with adequate nutrtion/rest( Ive gained 10-12lbs).

The battle is lost, but the war isn't over. What do you think would be a good way to approach this problem. I will reset my TM as usual but I'm thinking about attacking the press a little differently next cycle.

A) Instead of 5x10 with the press switch to 5x10 incline?
b)Instead of 95% for 5 singles do 90% for 5 singles still adhering to prilepins table ?
c) Both ?

It may be different for others but I feel that 95% on the final week is just a little much for the Press( especially when lifting 4x a week) with this template and that the less is more approach would be the route to go. What option would you recommend? Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.


Increaee calories for next 6 months - I assume you are trying to move up a weight class (25+ pounds). As you do that, do your volume work similar to BBS. Also, get stronger arms and lats: curls and one arm rows.

If you aren’t eating to support big weights, you are just tinkling in the breeze.


I enjoyed this version too. And I also ran into the same difficulties with the press - especially on the 5x5 week. That is where I first starting missing reps.

  1. This may be off a little, but I started super setting the press and dead lifts.This always has gotten me started moving in the right direction after stalling.
  2. I found close grip bench press gains carry over to my military. i ran them with the same sets/reps scheme as the press.
  3. Also, the 5-3 rule is vip using “advanced.”