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Advanced 5/3/1 Need Some Help

Hi, this is my first post. I was running Advanced 5/3/1 and was on the third week (5x1 95%). On the first set I barely completed the rep, I was wondering what I should do considering the other 2 weeks before were ok.

TM is off or you had a bad day.

What were your PR’s the other weeks? 1? 5? 10?

I did 5x5 at 75%, and then 5x3 at 85% based on a 260TM. I did the first week myself, and the second week I had a friend but i’m not sure if he was helping me or not. I didn’t really feel like I was having a bad day.

I asked for the PR, not the program.

How many reps did you get on your last set in the last two week?

I just did the prescribed reps, so 5 reps of 195 for 1st week, and 3 reps of 220.

Should I just recalculate based on the one rep I got this week.

ITS called advance for a reason.

I would gather you used 90%?

Just picked a different template until you max out.

My guess would be an incorrect TM.

Only you would really be able to say if you had a bad day, as you know your body best.

From what I remember from reading Beyond, there is a big emphasis on speed during the reps for Advanced. Were all your reps previous weeks strong, with excellent bar speed? If they were a grind to get through your probably running a TM at over 90%.

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