advance training and dieting

im very new to weight lifting ive been serious for 8 months now and alls ive pack on is strength , ive gone from a max out of 210 to 270 iver done for months ago . i would really like to know diffrent techneeks i could use for mucle growth but still train for strength, what are also other diets i could go on for loosing fat weight. i would also know how i would be able to aviod being mentaly fateeged . but can anyone give me some advise ??? (my spelling is awful )

For gosh sakes, we definitely want you to “aviod being mentaly fateeged”! I can’t imagine that. Go to T-mag, click on FAQ section, start reading. Start with “Dawg School” articles.

FYI, type your post, highlight and cut it, paste it in word processor, run a spelling and grammar checker. There are some mean 'ol people on this board that won’t answer questions if they can’t read them or think you’re a dumb/lazy 12 year old kid.

TEK, you’re becoming more gentle with guys like these. Keep up the good work.

What TEK said. (I’m one of those mean ol’ guys…)

Check these links out. haycock/hypertrophy-specific- training-01.htm

Good Luck KraigY