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Adult ADHD


As someone who I guess has Adult ADHD (I'm 24 so I am assuming that means I qualify has having the adult version) I would be pretty pissed if my employer said I HAD to receive treatment. All of the current treatments for it make me extremely weak to the point where I can not go to the gym. Hell, doctors don't even know how the drugs work to combat ADHD!!

I say that this is not a good idea.


It's always been my belief that ADHD is bullshit. It everyone has it, it's not a fucking condition.


If you say this, you clearly don't have it. I have it, and I agree with CP - I dislike most of the medication I have taken for it.


I imagine I don't. From what I've read, it seems the syptoms of ADHD are universally shared, though only chronic 'sufferers' get the diagnosis. I've never really bought the science, but that doesn't mean I'm right. If anything, I believe the condition is overdiagnosed, in adults as well as children. My apologies for the hijack, I am, after all, simply talking out of my ass.


If you know how the ASA literally votes in it's supposed different "diseases" into the DSM you'd doubt 3/4 of what psyches purport.

From the horses mouth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKZXH7MOwjI

All stigmatizations and labels IMO.

Who on earth can define "normal"?


the pharma cure is worse than the condition


Most of the supposed diseases that we seemingly never had 20 years ago are because they are self-created by a self-monopolizing system that seeks to manage sickness and promote unhealthy lifestyles. Big Pharma wants you to be their money train for life!

You think ACS will ever find a cure for cancer? Not effing likely, considering they would be proverbally shooting themselves in the head if they did. So the ruse is they are always on the cutting edge with promising research "on the way".

Talk about one of the biggest con-jobs perpetrated on the public bar none.
The best form of health insurance is the health you create for yourself. Too many people just dont want to man or woman up to the fact that optimal health IS a choice and commitment. Too many people are committed to following the path of certain disease and sickness.


Top stuff, particularly the bold stuff.


I have ADHD. My life was hellishly difficult without the meds.

If you don't like the stims, try Strattera - that's what I take. My girlfriend though ADHD was a made-up disease too...

Now she INSISTS I take my medication.


I once worked with a guy, about 30, who took ADHD medication 4 or so times a day. From about 30 minutes before he took his medication to about 30 minutes after, you could absolutely definitely tell he was getting more active, I dare say "hyper" and he seemed meaner too. It was odd.


I dont suffer from diagnosed ADHD. Nor do I suffer from Narcolispy( randomly falling asleep)

However what I get is a combination of both if I dont regulate my blood suger levels.

Too many lunchtime carbs and I start to drift away.

Too many sugery drinks and I am awake for about 20 mins till the sugar rush ends.

Unless somethings actively involving me I cant pay attention to it. Studying at School was always a struggle


A few points:

1) Meds are not the only treatment for ADHD. The fact that this hasn't even been mentioned yet supports earlier comments about how Big Pharma controls healthcare and is extremely influential in informing consumer choices regarding treatment.

2) The DSM is primarily controlled by MD's, who have little reason to be on DSM boards to begin with.


Meds are the most effective treatment.

Diet and mental hygiene help.


I'd contest that. Their isn't any solid proof of this.

What med's do though is mask the problem whatever it may be.

Their is very little objective science in the whole field of this very infantile subject of psychiatry and psychology which in the words of John Taylor Gatto "have offered -->| |<-- this much to the true understanding of human nature" but instead created a gold mine out of the pseudo science of brain management, supposed diagnoses and treatments.

The masking effect can clearly be seen with the reactions people have when they forget to take their meds or stop taking them for any reason.

Results? 7-13 school yard massacres were because the children were on these dangerous psychotropics, and the other 6 are unknown only because the information wasn't divulged.

This is not to mention the other domestic cases, and other rampages people go on.

This is because psychotropics don't treat, per se. Treat has been an abused word. They mask and the problem still exists underneath all that chemical numbing down of the human concious, the soul and well being of a person. Once those numbing drugs wear off or are forgotten to be taken or one just builds up a resistance to them (oh yeh, there's always a stronger med) then the beast which has been breeding underneath explodes in the fits of rage we have seen in the past and will continue to see.

The modern psychotropic drug is the exact same thing as the old water dunking methods they swore by in the past, the old electric shock therapy causing convulsions, bone breakages, brain damage and death, the old lobotomys which failed miserably all the time and were just scientists (albeit mad scientists) mental spoof-trial and error experiments which they misled the public into believing is the answer to the mental states that they witnessed in people.
The only thing is, that lobotomy, shock therapy and water dunking (not to mention countless other supposed and wicked treatments) is now conveniently placed in a mind altering and destroying drug!

Remember that psychiatry and psychology are the same pseudo-sciences that at the turn of the century actually had the nerve (read: complete incompetence) to label an African American slave's tendency to want to run away from his oppressors as "Drapetomania". Don't believe me? Look it up and be shocked.

You know what the treatment was for "Drapetomania"? To whip slaves into obedience and rid them of this mental disease.

The day big pharma comes out and admits, it's taking people for a ride, is the day markets will crash, economies will crumble and govt leaders will be living in slums! Govts can't have this and it quite suits their agenda to have people believe that they need to be managed and that the best way to manage them is by using their specially created and very well funded psychotropics.

end rant


You're an idiot. SPECT scans show significant biological differences in the brain activity of ADHD and non-ADHD subjects. It's not all a conspiracy by 'big pharm'.

The meds to treat ADHD are stimulants (except Strattera, which is a norepinephine reuptake inhibitor). ADHD meds are among the most effective and least questionable meds for a given mental illness available except perhaps the major tranquilizers. The side effect trade off is relatively small.

Ritalin, properly prescribed, would be more likely to inhibit violence in children than promote it. Perhaps it's SSRIs to which you are referring.

Now please get in line behind Tom Cruise for the bus to crazy-town.


When you say something like that, you know that pharmacuetical fellatio is in full effect. Drugs NEVER will solve the problem behind peoples health afflictions. It simply alleviates the problem temporarily while continueing to throw the delicate balance of the body out whack. Pharmacueticals are band-aid medicine at best, Russian roulette at worst at least in regards to your health.


And you need to get off your knees and stop s--king Big Pharmas dick. Big Pharma and the "wonders" of junk science has done more to create a climate of learned helplessness towards health in many individuals.

You know like when people say their fat and blame it on genetics because according to research, its not their fault. Or how about the endemic rise of obesity, cancer, heart disease?

Its all genetic, ya know (BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW IT) People need to wake their asses up and quit being such brain-dead morons to believe the tenets of f--king morons dressed up in white coats acting like their experts just because they have two letters behind their name.

For acute care, modern medicine is priceless. For treating chronic health problems that are largely self-induced, not so much.


I have it, It made me a good athlete, and it made some stuff difficult. OK it made most things difficult.


Yeh, ok.


Now please get in line behind Tom Cruise for the bus to crazy-town.

Thats incredibly ironic considering that Tom Cruise is completely anti-Drug use

Without reposting the entire thread the poster I believe was trying to make a point that the miracle cure drugs that people are told to shovel down their throat often have vicious side effects that are ALWAYS DOWNPLAYED.

My personal experience is with a depressive who was on Prozac (made her extremely violent) and was addicted to Seroxat (a NON ADDICTIVE anti depressant with side effects including depression and suicide)

Any drugs that we are told "regulate" mental problems should be treated with suspicion since doctors are encouraged by a revolving door medical culture to proscribe drugs instead of treating illness