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Adulation for T-Mag,then Diet and Training Question

I want to first say that T-mag is fucking great. I ordered the VIP Package last week after only being here for about a week or two and I got it Tuesday. You guys are great in customer satisfaction and training. The new MM came out this week and just looking at it made me sick. It used to be the best place for bodybuilding info. Now it’s just men’s health without the picking a wardrobe articles.

Ok, my question is that I wanted to make some alterations to the ABCDE awhile ago to help me lose fat and keep or increase Muscle mass. I've read The Delta 1250 and it makes perfect fucking sense while being sound. However, my dilemma is that I'm a fat ass and think that D1250 might not be the diet for me. I've been using the T-Dawg Diet for a week already and it's working great. No Lagging energy or anything. But I am finding it hard to get all the fat that is required for the day. And just drinking protein mixed with psyllium husk is getting so fucking monotonous. So, Diet revision for the ABCDE would be 5 day cycles (as per the D-1250), except that the low calorie days would be bodyweight times 10 with the emphasis on low carbs, moderate protein, and high fat (a la T-Dawg). The hypercaloric phase would be at about maintenence, body weight times 12, with a 40-30-30 split. This way, I am losing fat and have the calories cut low, but it's not as extended as the original ABCDE while the maintenence would keep help preserve the muscle mass and maybe keep it on. I'd like to know if this is an acceptable program or if I'm just grasping for straws.