Ads Placement on Mobile Devices

I don’t have an issue with advertising but these ads get in the way on smaller mobile devices. The ad hovers above the Post buttom and the upload button making it really tricky to hit.

Particularly with my fingers and eyes. Can they be moved somewhere else (top of the screen) or hidden when you’re composing a message?


Download Brave browser. No more ads.


I dont mind ads, the site doesn’t pay for itself. The ads make the site difficult to use because of their placement, that’s what I mind.

Note: I’ve found you can close the ads. This is annoying but less annoying than having to tap around the ad.

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They come back in like 12 seconds. Yesterday was the first day I’ve seen it. I thought my device was responsible.

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Chiming in on the ad hate. I had one bug out that refused to close regardless of if I clicked on it or not.

Super poor design and control going on behind the scenes atm. I’m fine with ads but they need to function

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Yeah they literally block the “reply” button on mobile when they pop up.


Yesss this is super annoying!!! I don’t even like updating my log because I have to close this stupid add every 3 seconds


I’ve had issues with them as well when trying to do a quick post from the mobile

Understand though it may be a necessary evil. They don’t appear all the time funny enough.


Ok, so now the ads are opening themselves on my device. I was just reading a post and the page changed to some junk website.

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Very very annoying.

This topic hasn’t had a response from on high, but something tells me if I start saying that this website has seen a decline in traffic over the years I will observe a sharp and immediate correction…


Had to stop using the mobile version of the site. Ads just kept refusing to close and sitting right over the input box.

Hope they can at least get the X button working on the ads


I started to think it was a browser issue, but after about three seconds of that theory I realized that the ads aren’t present on other sites.

It’s getting worse.


Yeah, this is a really bad application of the ad. Pretty much T Nation saying ‘we dont give a shit about the forum experience.’

Leave the ads, I get it, but damn, QC it. Be professional.

On my Google pixel I can’t even take certain ads off. The placement is such that I can not hit the X. So, posting/replying is a no go.


Some are even audible. My phone started screaming at me yesterday.

Let’s just see how bad we can make the T-Nation forum experience.

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I’m just one worthless poster that’s spent almost $5,000 in Biotest supplements over the last 5 years. Almost placed an order a few days ago, but this just pisses me off. At this point, I’m done with Biotest, and teetering on throwing in the towel on T-Nation forums.

Not what it used to be in so many ways, and only deteriorating further as more bad decisions are made.

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Am I the only one who has ads 1 out of every 20 opens or so? They’re very manageable too. Not trying to deny others their complaints or anything.

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I have ads 100% of the time, in the way of the post box, audible, and roughly 50% of the time I an unable to close out the ad box.

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HQ is aware of the comments that were brought up and will look into it.

I’m not having a problem closing ads when they appear and/or working around them either on my Android or laptop, so I’m not sure it’s an issue for everyone, but they’ll see what’s up.