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Ads Placement on Mobile Devices


I don’t have an issue with advertising but these ads get in the way on smaller mobile devices. The ad hovers above the Post buttom and the upload button making it really tricky to hit.

Particularly with my fingers and eyes. Can they be moved somewhere else (top of the screen) or hidden when you’re composing a message?


Download Brave browser. No more ads.


I dont mind ads, the site doesn’t pay for itself. The ads make the site difficult to use because of their placement, that’s what I mind.

Note: I’ve found you can close the ads. This is annoying but less annoying than having to tap around the ad.


They come back in like 12 seconds. Yesterday was the first day I’ve seen it. I thought my device was responsible.

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Chiming in on the ad hate. I had one bug out that refused to close regardless of if I clicked on it or not.

Super poor design and control going on behind the scenes atm. I’m fine with ads but they need to function

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Yeah they literally block the “reply” button on mobile when they pop up.


Yesss this is super annoying!!! I don’t even like updating my log because I have to close this stupid add every 3 seconds