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Adrien's Training/Nutrition Log - Olympic Weightlifting & 5/3/1

I’m Adrien, I have run 12 cycles of Wendler 5/3/1 Boring but big, and I have just started Olympic Weightlifting. In addition to that, I am running a 2 day/week template for 531.
As I am learning the Olympic lifts, the load is light and my coach is focusing on technique 3 times per week. In addition, I have added 2 extra days to work on the Big lifts with Wendler 531.

My lifts are not impressive (to say the least!), I am no (nor will I ever be) a worldclass lifter, I am not trying to get stage ready or be shredded to the bone,

I enjoy lifting, I do this for fun and for personal satisfaction. It is only 1 aspect of my life. It does not revolve solely around lifting as I have to split my time as a husband, father, manager and friend.

I am creating this log to keep myself accountable

Age: 28 yo
height: 180cm/5 feet 11 Inches
Current BW: 86KG/190 lbs
Bodyfat %: ~20-25% (but who cares!)

Training Schedule - Current:
MONDAY: Olympic Weightlifting - Snatch
WEDNESDAY: Olympic Weightlifting - Clean
FRIDAY: Olympic Weightlifting - Jerk
SATURDAY: Wendler 531
SUNDAY: Wendler 531

Lifts 1 RM:
DL(sumo) - 220 KG/485 lbs
BP - 100KG/220 lbs
OHP - 80KG/176 lbs
Back Squat (High bar) - 150 KG/330 lbs
Front Squat - 120KG/264 lbs

-Get under 80KG/176 lbs Body weight
-Compete with my Olympic Weightlifting Club from September 2017
-Back Squat BW x 2
-Bench BW x 1,5
-OHP BW x 1,25
-Stay healthy
-Have fun!

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Nutrition - Current

TDEE: 2500kcals

I naturally eat more on weekends, so I have decided to account for it while splitting the deficit through the week… So far I have had some good success with it, allowing me to have a more relaxed approach.

It also allows me to eat over maintenance when performing the heavy Wendler 531 lifts

I have gone from 93 KG/205 lbs in Sep 17 to 86KG/190 lbs currently

MONDAY - 1700 Kcals - 165 P - 98 C - 72 F
TUESDAY - 1700 Kcals - 165 P - 98 C - 72 F
WEDNESDAY - 1700 Kcals - 165 P - 98 C - 72 F
THURSDAY - 1700 Kcals - 165 P - 98 C - 72 F
FRIDAY - 1700 Kcals - 165 P - 98 C - 72 F
SATURDAY - 2700 Kcals - 165 P - 285 C - 100 F
SUNDAY - 2700 Kcals - 165 P - 285 C - 100 F

Total weekly deficit : 3600 Kcals

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May 7th - Wendler 5/3/1

Main Movement - Back Squat
Training Max ™ - 130 KG/286 lbs

Warm up
-85 KG/187lbs x 5 reps
-97,5 KG/215lbs x 5 Reps
-110 KG/242 lbs (5+ Reps ) - 10 Reps (Rep PR)
-Back Squat : 50 reps@85KG/187 lbs (65% TM)
-OHP - 5 x 10 Reps @30KG/ 66 lbs (50% TM)
-Weighted Dips - 5x5 with 10KG/22 lbs added weight (PR)

I just recently started doing Weighted Dips & Chin ups. When I am able to perform a 5x5 with a weight, I go up 2kgs/4 lbs in the next session

May 8th - Olympic Weighlifting - Snatch

Yesterday’s Snatch focused workout for fun and challenging! I worked out to an (insane!) weight of 45KG/ 100 lbs for about 20 sets of 3 to 5 reps.

Warm up
-over Knee Hang snatch
-Power Snatch
-Snatch (from the floor)
20 sets 5-3 Reps - 45KG/100 lbs

As I am learning proper technique, my coach has me doing tons of “clean” repetitions with light weights and proper form. It’s all about mastering the motor patterns, Mr Miyagi style

May 9th - Rest Day


Yesterday’s maccros: (+ or - target )

P - 170 (+5)
C - 135 (+37)
F - 60 (-12)
Kcals - 1825 (+126)

I went slightIy over my calories yesterday. We had some family over and cooked up some chicken breast on the BBQ with some homemade taboulé, and I was not able to take out the scale & weight out the food.
Instead I guesstimated, and added a bit more than my estimate, just to be on the safe side (and not overeat by too much)

I plan to account for those extra calories by slightly eating less throughout the week.

Weigh in

Woke up this morning at a 86,5KG/ 190 lbs of bodyweight, I believe that I am still carrying some “bloat” or water weight from the weekend’s increased carb intake, that should come down within a day or two.

For fun, I decided to get a Bodyfat estimation using the “US Navy method of Body fat estimation”.

Height: 180 cm
Neck circumference - narrowest (cm): 36,5 cm
Waist circumference @ navel, relaxed (cm): 83,3cm
Approximate Body-fat Percentage: 15.8%

This is just an estimation (and can be off by ~3-5%), but is free, quick and convenient.
I am not reading too much into what number I get for my bodyfat, but I am also surprised to see my BF% lower than my initial estimation of 20-25%.

I used this calculator:

I also generally recommend all articles from this great website, it is a no BS simple approach to training and nutrition, and has a very detailed (free) guide to set up your diet & measure progress

May 10th - Olympic Weightlifting - Jerk day


Yesterday’s maccros: (+ or - target )

P - 184 (+19)
C - 105 (+7)
F - 57 (-15)
Kcals - 1727 (+27)

Weigh in

Woke up this morning at a 86,7KG/ 191 lbs of bodyweight, I was expecting my weight to go down a bit, but will probably readjust and lose the water weight tomorrow or thursday.

I feel energetic, and do not have crazy hunger or cravings.


Front squat ~ 10 sets warm ups - worked out to 50KG/110 lbs x5
Push press
Push Jerk
Jerk ~ 15 working sets - worked up to 50KG/110 lbs x 3 to 5 reps

I am happy with the workout as it was only the 2nd time I did Jerk, and the 1st time I did it with some weight (previously only did it with an empty bar). The position felt awkward, but after a few sets it felt strong, and I think I could have easily done 20KG/44 lbs-30KG/66 lbs more.

We are still focusing on technique rather than weight. Even though the weight is lights, I am drained after a 2,5h session from all the concentration & focus it requires to learn new movements.

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May 11th - Rest Day


Yesterday’s maccros: (+ or - target )

P - 188 (+23)
C - 115 (+17)
F - 66 (-6)
Kcals - 1825 (+99)

Weigh in

Woke up this morning at a 86,1KG/ 189 lbs of bodyweight,

May 12th - Olympic Weightlifting - Clean & Jerk day


Yesterday’s maccros: (+ or - target )

P - 200 (+35)
C - 311 (+213)
F - 108 (+36)
Kcals - 2828 (+1128)

Yesterday was one of these days where social events makes it complicated to stay on a low cal diet. Instead of over stressing, over-eating or overthink everything, I decided to enjoy myself and make up for it on another day.

I decided to have a “High” calories day and have less calories over the rest of the week.

I do like the flexibility this diet is giving me, where I can have bigger eating day when they come along as long as I stay under my weekly caloric deficit.

I have 5800 Kcals to spread on friday, saturday & sunday, should be fine.

Weigh in

I woke up at a 86,2 KG/ 190 lbs, I was expecting to be more heavy because of the water weight after a high carb day.


My coach finally thought that my clean form & my Jerk form (that I worked on Wednesday) was not too shitty to make me try a full Clean & Jerk (from the floor) for the first time. I was very excited, trying to remember all the queues I had learned.

It was challenging at first as I only worked on the clean & on the jerk separately.

Warm up
Over the knee Clean -
5 sets starting with an empty bar and working up to 50KG/ 110 lbs for 5 reps
Under the Knee Clean -
5 sets starting with an empty bar and working up to 50KG/ 110 lbs for 5 reps
Jerk -
5 sets starting with an empty bar and working up to 50KG/ 110 lbs for 5 reps
Clean & Jerk -
3 sets x 5 x 40KG/ 88 lbs
2 sets x 4 x 50KG/ 110 lbs
2 sets x 3 x 55KG/ 121 lbs

This is a big milestone for me as it was my first time C&J as a full movement, I think I could have added probably 10-15KG/ 22-33 lbs for ~3-4 reps, but we decided to leave it a that for that day.

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Doing ten sets of warmups sounds really counterproductive to me

Even if you did, say:
2 sets with only the bar
1 set with 30kg
1 set if 40kg
it would be only 4 warm-up sets

Doing more than that is just making your work set worse because you have no energy left

If you have a reason for doing that I would really like to hear it, all I can think of is increasing work capacity, and there are a lot of better ways to do that

My coach is making me focus on technique over weight (for now), these warm ups are just to get the body warm and make me more loose (knees/hips loose to hit these deep squat positions, shoulders, wrists loose for the jerk position)

In theory you are right, I would never do that before heavy working sets of squats, but for now being warm & loose enough to get a good Jerk/clean position is the main objective.

And also the fact that I can front squat more that twice that weight means that I can have these 10 warm up sets done in 10 mn without breaking a sweat.

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Got ya

May 13th - Wendler 531

Main Movement - Bench Press
Training Max ™ - 64 KG/141 lbs
Cycle #2/Week#1

Warm up
-42,5KG/94 lbs x 5 Reps
-50KG/ 110 lbs x 5 Reps
-55KG/ 121 lbs (5+ Reps) - 18 Reps (Rep PR)
-Bench Press: 50 Reps@42,5KG/ 94 Reps /65% TM)
-Deadlift: 5 x 10 Reps @80KG/ 176 lbs (50% TM)
-Weighted Chin ups - 5x5 with 10KG/22 lbs added weight (PR)
-Dumbell Arnold Press - 5x10@12KG/26 lbs // Superseted // Dumbell Curl - 5 x 10@10KG/22 lbs

-I reset Wendler 531 with conservative PR numbers instead of old PR (that I did while weighing almost 8KG/17 lbs more)

  • Bench Press weight feels very light, but as you are supposed to start Wendler 531 with light weights, I try to hammer the AMRAP set and beat Rep PRs
    -I was able to do 5x5 + 10KG/22lbs on Weighted Chin Ups, I will try 12KG/26 lbs next time.
    -When doing volume DL, I use the sets to train double Overhand with Hookgrip, it is still a bitch, but I can handle 5x10@80 KG/176 lbs without any problem


Yesterday’s maccros: (+ or - target )

P - 203 (+38)
C - 95 (-3)
F - 71 (-1)
Kcals - 1751 (+51)

Weigh in

I woke up at a 85,5 KG/ 188 lbs, happy to see my weight slowly go down.

I’d say warming up a lot is really appropriate for higher percentage stuff. Like I did for my last squat session:

365X2 belt on
455X2 (455 was pre-program one rep max)

Short of really high percentage work though, about 3-5 is more appropriate.

Also welcome aboard, @locamo. Weightlifting is both one of the funnest, and hardest things you can do for exercise.

I agree with that, if I’m squatting I may warm up with something like this:
1-2 sets with the bar
1 set with 135
1 set with 185 (I may skip this one)
1 set with 225
1 set with 275
And so on
so half a plate at a time
The reps are between 3-5 most of the time because it takes time to get to the working weight (seems like we warm up in a similar manner)

But ten warm-up sets seemed a bit excessive in this particular context

May 14th - Wendler 531

Main Movement - Deadlift
Training Max ™ - 157 KG/345 lbs
Cycle #2/Week#1

Warm up
-102,5KG/225 lbs x 5 Reps
-117,5KG/ 260 lbs x 5 Reps
-135KG/ 297 lbs (5+ Reps) - 11 Reps (I had to make 14 reps to set a new Rep PR)
-Deadlift: 50 Reps@102,5KG/ 225 lbs /65% TM)
-Bench Press: 5 x 10 Reps @32,5KG/ 71 lbs (50% TM)
-Weighted Dips - 5x5 with 12KG/26 lbs added weight (PR)
-Close Grip Bench Press: 5x10@ 40KG/88 lbs


Yesterday’s maccros: (+ or - target )

P - 81 (-84)
C - 153 (+60)
F - 68 (-4)
Kcals - 1678

Weigh in

I woke up at a 86 KG/ 189 lbs

Week #1 - May 8-14 Recap

Nutrition: (Weekly average)

-Calories: 1976
-Protein: 166
-Carbs: 158
-Fat: 83

Weight & Body Measurement

-Average Weight: 86,2 KG/190,03 lbs
-Lowest Weight: 85,5 KG/ 188,49 lbs // Highest Weight: 86,7 KG/191,14 lbs

Body Measurement (May 14th AM)

-Neck (narrowest point): 33,3 cm
-Chest (Nipple Line - Relaxed): 96,9 cm
-Right biceps (Peak - Contracted): 37,7 cm
-Left biceps (Peak - Contracted): 37,2 cm
-2" above Navel: 86,9 cm
-Navel: 82,3 cm
-2" below Navel: 86,4 cm
-Hips: 89 cm
-Right quadriceps - 60,7 cm
-Left quadriceps - 61,5 cm

Estimated Body fat %: 17,7

Training Highlight

-Clean & Jerk - 55KG/121lbs (1st time with weight)
-Bench press - 55KG/121 lbs x 18 Reps (Rep PR)
-Weighted Chin Ups - 5x5 @ 10KG/22 lbs added weight (PR)
-Weighted Dips - 5x5 @ 12KG/33 lbs added weight (PR)

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May 15th - Rest Day


I was not happy with my nutrition settings, and thought I might have miscalculated my TDEE.
I have recalculated using the guide found on rippedbody.com

Nutrition - Current as of May 15th 2017

BMR: 1899
Activity multiplier: 1,375
TDEE: 2611 kcals
Target weekly weight loss: 0,45KG/1 lbs

Option 1) - Same Macros every day

Daily Calorie Intake: 2116 Kcals
Protein: 163
Fat: 64
Carbs: 223

Option 2) - Calories & Macro Cycling

Training Days (2 days/week)

Calories: 2693
Protein: 163
Fat: 43
Carbs: 413

Rest Day (5 days/week)

Calories: 1885
Protein: 163
Fat: 72
Carbs: 147

May 15th - Rest Day

_Note:_My coach was out of town yesterday, so I did not get to train with him. Generally, i am looking forward when I can reduce from 5 day training/wk to 3 or 4.

Thoughts: Adding assistance to an Olympic Weightlifting program
When my coach thinks I am technically sound enough to train by myself, he will create a training plan for 3/4 days per week, and I plan to add some assistance to target parts of the body that the Oly lifting does not train.

Olympic Lifting is good to build some strong traps, shoulders, back, Leg & Posterior chain, but it lacks chest/arms/shoulders development

So I plan to add these exercises to the core Oly Lifting training because

  1. They are compound lifts (limited time, best bang for your buck)
  2. i like training these movements and have solid form
  3. I feel like I will have good solid foundation if I can kick ass in all these lifts

-Bench Press/Overhead Press
-Dips (weighted, paused, AMRAP)
-Chin Ups/Pull Ups (weighted, paused, AMRAP, close grip/wide grip, neutral grip)
-Deadlift (sumo/conventional/Snatch grip, Stiff leg)

Weigh in

I woke up at a 86,4 KG/ 190,5 lbs

May 16th - Rest Day


Yesterday’s macros: (+ or - target )

P - 187 (+24)
C - 113 (-34)
F - 68 (-4)
Kcals - 1678

Calories: 1879 (-8)

Weigh in

I woke up at a 86,1 KG/ 189 lbs

Why not ask him to include these movements? It’s much easier for him to create a solid program when he knows that the client is not tweaking it