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Adrian Peterson....All Day


Just thought I'd start a thread since no one else has yet...suprisingly....I saw this day coming. I remember going home in 2001 and attending my old high school's Homecoming game against the Palestine Wildcats...a mild rival in those parts of East Texas. I remember seeing this #28 going on the field and was thinking he looks like a damn good tight end/d.end....then the huddle broke and this man-child is lined up in the backfield. Interesting...

.....He received the handoff and just rapes all 11 defenders on the field. Usually a comment like that is reserved for a terror on defense,but I imagine for my poor alma mater players it was like looking down the barrell of a shotgun trying to stop this guy. I never played against...or witnessed a running back dominant a game with speed and power to match. We had to deal with Jamaar Toombs when I played,but this kid was on another level.

Nevermind my high school getting raped on homecoming, who is this Adrian Peterson kid?? I was hooked ever since...and yeah I was pissed that he decided on OU,but was happy for him at the same time.

I don't know him or his family personally,but to be from small East Texas....even more,Palestine(a town with not much to offer outside working for Wal-Mart Distrubition Center,Rail Roads or Texas prison system),I am proud of Adrian Peterson for what he has accomplished while be confident and humble at the same time. Go All Day!


Amazing, Boss...!

( Hell...he looked like a "man among Boys" even TODAY as he broke the NFL single game rushing record...!)

He is fun to watch!

But again...the single most difficult thing for an NFL running back to do today is STAY HEALTHY!

Peterson should have many great games to come!



exactly....he is a pure running back...health is the factor...make s me think about Earl Campbell(another East Texan)...he was a beast but he payed the price physically.

For those that don't know Mr.Campbell...enjoy:




enough said


yeah..OU should go plant trees or sumthin in East Texas to honor the talent yall stole from us..lol.


AD will go down as an almost tragic figure at OU.

In the equivalent of two seasons, he rushed for 4,000+ yards and 40 TD's. 27 games! If he had stayed healthy, he might've hit 5,500 yards and 60 TD's in only three years.

His last two years, he kept getting these flukey, dumb-luck injuries. On top of that, he had to play on two OU teams that didn't have much of any passing attack to help him out.

The one year he stayed reasonably healthy and had a passing game to take pressure off of him, he goes off for 1,925 yards as a true freshman.

The 2007 NFL Draft will forever be remembered as the draft in which some schmuck named Gaines Adams went ahead of Adrian Peterson.


I am really impressed with him. I was watching a game maybe 2 weeks ago and they did a little documentary on his life. He witnessed his brother being hit by a drunk drive and his dad got sent to prison for like 10 years when he was 13 or something. He had a real tough childhood, but looks like he has his head on straight. Running wise..AMAZING! He hits the holes so hard and runs 110% all the time. Lots of heart.


I recall on draft day when the Vikings took him.

As a Bears fan, I said out loud, "Oh, s***, that's not gonna be good for us".

Looks like what he did against us a couple of weeks ago was just a warm up after seeing what he did today......

Based on what he had to go through to get here though, good for him!


They couldn't find a way to get him 4 more yards at the end of the game?


Attention Football Fans and Wal-Mart Shoppers!

There is a new RB in town.

Cheers to AP28 and his good health!!

Congrats on the record and the win.


Plus he had a hard time staying healthy in college. Hopefully he learned how to take care of his body with all those injuries and will be able to stay healthy.


I hate the Raiders for not drafting him, thats what I wanted to happen but knew it wouldn't :frowning:


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He has some major talent, time will tell if he can remain consistent for the entire season. Right now though he is playing like the best back of all time.


Get the kid off of punt/kick return duties, and give him the damn ball 30-35 times a game on offense! The fact that the Vikings continue to give the rock to C. Taylor is frustrating, especially on the last drive of that game, when AP only needs 4 yards to crack 300! By the way, he is a solid reciever as well.


If they had done that he would have been given cool nicknames like "Mr. 300".... and noone wants that. Not for some rookie.


Way to curse him, guys.


Brad Childress curses him everytime he puts him on the field without a competent quarterback. He's going to get killed out there with zero threat of a passing game. And this isn't "zero threat" like Charlie Frye; this is worse. (I actually like Brooks Bollinger, too, but he's not an NFL caliber qb. Pretty good in college, but not NFL.)


hahahahahahaha charlie frye. and not to change the subject, but is anderson the new jon kitna or what, just keeping the seat warm (really, really well) for the next guy (palmer then, quinn now)?

AD is unbelievable. that burst he got when he shedded marlon mccree against sd was just incredible.


So, how bad did that hit mess with his knee?