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Adrenergic Receptor Recovery for a Type 2B Confident

Coach CT,

hope your doing great Coach since i while back i sent you about me having adrenergic receptor desensitization and i started to implement all the cues you mentioned to me for the recovery of the receptors and i am really feeling better not fully recovered but you really gave me the understanding that i couldn’t push myself right now to achieve & gain muscle I shifted my training form 4 workouts a week following an upper lower Split

with mainly Compound moves only with no cables or any isolation nor machine work
for Quite sometime now my question is could that style of training could dig the hole deeper on this issue since i shifted to mainly machine and very low neurological demand moves via cables and machines for my workouts there was a bit of progress to my body image a bit its not a transformation but i even feel better i do only 3 days a week non consecutive days following an upper/lower/upper is that a good split should i continue or there is a better split for that coach .

For t my Neurotype 2B confident am i more prone for that issue for the adrenergic receptors to get desensitized since i have some abdominal fat that doesn’t go away and some fat also on my side handles even if my diet is on point & could that issue also make me develop bad sleeping patterns and what is the best Training Plan for the Type 2B confident

Thanks Coach

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I’m also a 2B and have all the same issues including only storing fat on my abdomen and love handles. Quitting coffee helped a ton – I haven’t had caffeine in about 4 months.

Personally I’ve started searching much better results using just machines with moderate loads, moderate volume, and rest-pause.

Of course, that goes against everything I “know and believe” as a strength coach, but we have to fit our neurotypes. And type 2B “Get stronger by getting bigger”

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I just finished writing an article that tackles this issue. But I’ll get back to your question when my son does his nap.

Can you please explain how quitting coffeine(or just coffee?) helped you? Do you mean in terms of aesthetics, recovery or?
Genuinly interested, type 2b here also :slight_smile:

Hope he have a great Nap Coach God bless him for you

Less belly fat, less depression, less anxiety, lower blood pressure, and cured panic attacks were my results from quitting caffeine (previously 750mg / 5 cups of coffee a day in the morning).

Generally speaking less “cortisol issues”… Aesthetically noticeable improvement in belly fat and better results from a mass building phase in the gym. Previously the mass built has always been lost abdominal fat. This time it was primarily muscle.

Coach Thibaudeau has a good article here https://www.t-nation.com/living/tip-you-do-not-have-adrenal-fatigue

Hey, thanks for replying :slight_smile:
Well, thats interesting regarding improvement in abdominal fat, never heard for such effect of lack of coffeine…for everything else(mood, blood pressure etc.), it does sound pretty logical to a certain point.
Have you changed anything else in that period after cutting coffee? Diet, lifestyle modification?Do you take any legal drugs(medication? Do you practice fasting?
How much training experience you have and how old are you?

I’ve cut coffee for 6 month (a part one or two cups a month), and honestly haven’t notice any difference beside feeling a little bit calmer in the second part of the day…but in terms of aesthetics absolutely nothing, but it was indeed a very very strrssful period of my life.

Funny thing is, I am having espresso now while typing this :smiley:
I absolutely love coffee, but for noticeable benefits, I would ditch it.
Interested to know more, and if CT can jump in with his opinion that would be awesome…


Hey that’s very interesting, thanks for sharing your experience too.

I was on a high dose of caffeine, usually consumed from 8-1pm, with a very high stress lifestyle on top of it (running Airbnb on top of professional job, plus getting fired repeatedly plus divorce), so I’m sure my cortisol was particularly high.

I was doing some overly-heavy training for a while before I quit, so I think that combined for some decrease in my adrenaline receptor and/or dopamine receptor sensitivity.

I quit just before quarantine, and so I couldn’t weight lift at all for 3 months. I switched to 20 minute bodyweight or band workouts 3-5 days a week. I also was less stressed as I was no longer dealing with my divorce and had accepted being underemployed for the long haul. So a ton of factors contributed to lowering my stress.

But I really didn’t change my diet much, other than making it a little more consistent and slightly higher protein. Those will of course further contribute to low cortisol levels and fat loss.

You might enjoy this study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2257922/

Personally I’ve always been skinny fat with a beer belly, including noticeable abdominal fat when I weighed 140lb (I’m 6’0").

Thanks for sharing your experience! I love and miss coffee but it was completely an addiction – I depended on caffeine for a good mood and was completely unable to obtain satisfaction from life beyond coffee.

Hope your doing great Man how did you Quit coffee it’s pretty hard did you go cold Turkey or you lowered your intake.

And as a type 2B I know from what I read and heard from coach CT that Type 2B & 3 caffeine can be harmful to them than the other Neurotypes what are the positive feedbacks you got from Quitting Caffeine concerning

2-Handling Stress
3-body Composition

Do you drink any caffeine like green tea or you stopped everything altogether

For changing your workout to mostly Machines cables did you find that it’s less demanding on the nervous system for a Type 2B I am a Type 2B confident and since I made a switch toward the style of training I should be following it really made a huge difference but still having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep

I switched to decaf over two weeks to prevent headaches, but I still had terrible rebound depression for about a month.

I quit once before for a short while by switching to green tea, but now I don’t use any. In fact I’m cautious with not having too much decaf green tea since it’s not fully decaffeinated.

1-I rarely have sleep problems unless I’m particularly stressed or agitated. I usually need 9 but typically 10 hours a night. Caffeine used to make me have trouble falling asleep if I’d have it after noon.
2-Recovery seems better. Typically during my tennis season I get super sore and sometimes sick especially if I’m doing more than one or two days of weight training. With the reduced stress and machine work I’m able to train 3-5 days with 1-2 days of tennis so no more than 5 workouts in 7 days.
3-As I mentioned I’m finally getting lean for the first time in my life. I’m presently doing a 2 week diet phase (MATADOR diet style) just because I was having decreased appetite recently. But I plan to go back to a focus on hypertrophy before long. It’s just very rewarding to actually see decreased belly fat for the first time ever.

I agree about the type of training. I was super stubborn about it. But I finally paid for the neurotyping test, which confirmed I am 2B (should have been obvious, as I’m a massage therapist). So I really focus on mind muscle connection now. When I’m done with tennis and have built some more muscle I’ll add back in some more free weight exercises, keeping intensity low.

Of course, dieting isn’t doing great things for my cortisol levels – it’s a physical stressor. But it’s only a few more days and I’ll be back to eating normally.

I also wanted to mention l-theanine is awesome for stress reduction and sleep quality. I use it frequently (CT would recommend using it on-and-off like he recommends for any non-food supplement), currently just at night for sleep. It really helped my Type 2B ex-wife with sleep. She has chronic insomnia.

She also tried 5-htp but it gave her interstitial cystitis. She did see good benefit from melatonin. Just be sure to take it early enough (like at sunset) not when you need to go to bed. And 2-4 Benadryl (diphenhydramine) are super useful as a sleep aid in a pinch.

Always waiting for your Feedback Coach CT and your opinion on that Case would be grateful

For the Type 2B Confident what is the best Split and Frequency for optimal recovery for Hypertrophy goals For the Natural Trainee


With 2Bs I normally use more of a traditional bodybuilding split:

Day 1 - Chest/Biceps
Day 2 - Legs
Day 3 - Back/Triceps
Day 4 - Deltoids/Rear delts/Traps

And we sometimes add some lower body work on back day. If the person is well recovered, not burned out and can handle more work, we put a 5th day in where we do lower body a second time.

Much appreciated Coach for your feedback is this also applicable to the Type 2B Confident since you told me in another answer that the Type 2B confident have also a lot of traits from the Type 3 so the Bodybuilding split is the most Ideal for where I fall for my Neurotype for Hypertrophy Goal.

For the Type 2B Confident is it enough for them to do a body part split to grow since I read to many times you Coach saying that the natural trainee should stimulate the muscle more than once a week to drive protein synthesis for Growth factors What’s the Science behind that why the Type 2B are the only Neurotype that could get away by doing a bodybuilding split ?


The split I mentioned trains most muscles indirectly twice per week. Just because the "name’ of the day doesn’t include a muscle, doesn’t mean it’s not being trained.

For example, when you are training your chest you are also working your deltoids on most exercises and the triceps on all pressing movements.

When you are training your back you are also training biceps on most movements.

When you are training your delts you are also hitting the triceps on the pressing movements.

When you are training rear delts, the mid-back also gets work.

Thank you Coach for your feedback much appreciated I will start to implement that split but when my Adrenergic receptor issue subsides a bit since I don’t want to drive intensity as you mentioned to me before have to be fully recovered first and fight my high Cortisol & Adrenaline problem then Attack a Plan that will give me best results based on my Neurotype profile

Thank you Coach