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Adrenegic Receptors recovery time

Coach CT,

Hope your doing great I have been facing an issue regarding finding myself gaining any results from all my workouts and training I am doing for the past 4 years always pushing myself and the results aren’t that good at all

And always have bad sleep issues the day I train or workout I never sleep that well the days I stop training I sleep better and my body temperature is always low during training I don’t feel like my metabolic rate is working efficiently and always have fat around my waist and handles is this from high cortisol and adrenaline output and my anxiety is to much to handle .

So my concern is what exactly is my issue here I used to abuse pre workout drinks from along time and once went to the hospital from a panic attack from it but I stoped it since ages I only drink one coffe a day and one black tea so do I have Adrenergic receptor problem or something else and should I stop training altogether or should I move 3 times a week or I won’t make any progress but it’s better to move I had a shoulder injury last week from all that stress and I am really in a deep black hole I need some help and guidance

Thank you Coach

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