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Adrenaline Sensitivity and Neurotype

High CT. I just got your digital book, the best workout plan for natural lifters. When my kids got stuck at home for school last year I did OK for about 6 months but eventually struggled to train consistently.

I have taken the online neurotype test twice and gotten results that were hard to interpret. First i was a 3, then a 1A, and I have always suspected from descriptions of neurotypes that I was a 2A “actor”. I have solid muscle, still bench 300, squat and deadlift 400+ at age 50, tend to be over 20% bodyfat. When I have taken trait based psychological tests I tend to get ambiguous results in some regards, for example, I present as an extrovert, will talk for hours in front of groups when I fell that I am an expert, but if it is a new situation I have a tendency to have a panic attack or hyper-sensitivity, hyperventilation etc. I taught for 12 years and was a pretty dynamic speaker and presenter, but I always FELT introverted, never liked parties etc. I think this is similar to how you have described yourself. I’ve also have addictions in the past to alcohol and nicotine but have not used them for many years.

Anyway, I used to think I was caffeine insensitive because I could take very large amounts, but over the last couple of years I have realized that I am actually very sensitive. If I drop caffeine for 2 days, and have just 1 large cup in the morning, I will have trouble sleeping that or relaxing even several hours later. After 3-4 days, I may drink more caffeine and get desensitized but I regain sensitivity again in 1-2 days. I have cut back my caffeine significantly over the last 2 years and actually regained a lost sense of smell, and stopped having sinus inflammation at night.

Anyway, I have trouble with the neutotyping about questions relating to public speaking and risk taking. For example, I am scared to think about doing public speaking because of the panic attack, but if I can speak in a situation where I am in control, I will talk for hours and just keep going, thinking spontaneously and being all very entertaining along the way. Also, I get scared by the idea of riskier activities like skiing, or even doing bounding exercises or sprinting, but I would LIKE to be able to do them competently.

I have a hard time stopping thinking about things at bedtime, it’s kind of addictive so I have to practice clearing my mind.

I get brain fog after I eat my first meal, especially if it is carbs, though a Mag-10 dose doesn’t cause problems. I thought about taking the neurotype test again, but I’m really not sure how to answer questions about activities that are scary, but that I would “like” to be able to do competently. I will say that I don’t take risks physically. Hoping it might be easy to size me up from some of the description. I get depressed really quickly if I take time off from training, and I basically do everything well, or poorly, so if I’m not training right, I won’t be eating right either.

Thanks for any insight.

so, what is your neurotype ? type 3 or 1A or 2A /your bet / ?
thiese 3 is very dissimilar and different types of training and diet

I’d have to guess 2A. I present as an extrovert but I need to be alone. I don’t have to dominate but I don’t want to look bad. I don’t take risks. I tend to score moderately across the board on the neurotype test. Addictive tendencies.

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