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Adrenal Saliva Test Results


I am having some health issues and need some input please. Info is below.

I did a Diagnos-techs adrenal saliva test.

Here are my results:
TIME Result Ref Values Score
AM 12 13-24 depressed
Noon 6 5-10 normal
4PM 5 3-8 normal
11PM 7 1-4 elevated
So I have low coritsol in am and high cortisol in pm

DHEA 4 3-10 normal

Fasting <3 3-12
Non-Fast <3 5-20 depressed

17-OH Progesterone 30 22-100 Normal

Total Salivary SIgA 6 25-60 depressed

Gliadin Ah, SigA 6 negative - so I am not gluten intolerant

Old blood work from Feb 2010 indicated high TSH levels 3.4. So I am hypothyroid and have been taking armour twice a day. I have not noticed alot from it.

My current two health problems I am having for 6 months or more are:

A. Chronic bicep tendonitis even after rest, ice, cortiosteroids, massage, physical therapy, chiropractor, etc. NOTE: Have some inflammation flare up in other areas occasionally as well.

B. I have put on 6" on my waist line in a relatively short time frame 5 months. I cant train the way I use to with some injuries I have but I have been exercising daily and keep my diet clean (lean proteins, low to mod fruits, mod vegetables, low to mod starches, mod nuts and good fats) 5 days a week and then generally eat what I want on the weekends.

This week I started on a supplement regimen of the following:
8 fish oil capsules daily
Poliquins Licorice Supplement
Zinc/Mag before bed
Panothenic Acid 3XDay 250mg
B-Complex once a day
Vit C 1000mg post workuot
Vit E 400mg post workout
Greens Plus post workout
Green Tea Capsules (500mg) breakfast and lunch.

So any help on the subject matter would be appreciated. I have to get this fat off me and am sick of having chronic inflammation in my shoulder. This is the worst I have ever looked.

Thanks folks.





Check serum TT, FT, E2, fT4, fT3, TSH, CRP, iron, ferritin, fasting glucose, fasting lipids, CBC

Changes in sleep, mood and energy? Depressed?

Head injury, blow to head or whip lash prior to onset?

Take 4,000 - 6,00iu vit-D3/day; 50mg DHEA

Gum inflammation?

Does weight gain align with start of Armour Thyroid?

Anything that looks like a new allergy?

Get a good quality pro-biotic. There is more genetics in your gut bacteria then the rest of your body. Time for a reset.