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Adrenal Rebuilders? Glandulars?


Does any body have any experience with glandulars? I seem to have all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Has anyone tried glandulars. There is no scientific data for or against that I have found yet.


check out Reset AD.



I am being treated for Adrenal Fatique with RX, but things that you can do for yourself that help support the adrenals is mega vitamin C. I am talking any where to 3000 to 5000 daily(to bowel tolerance), split throughout day. Also Celtic Sea salt 1/4 tsp to 1/2 tsp in water, juice, twice daily. I also have a shaker and I salt my food with. The adrenals like both of these.

Also, which you might not like to hear, back off your excercise a bit. Over training is hard on the adrenals.

There was a good article written on this site on Adreanl Fatique, check it out.



Check out Ashwagandha.


Hydrocortisone, pregnenolone, and dhea are probably your best bets. I can understand people's want to go natural, but it doesn't really work all that well.


Bri Hildebrandt, do you have any online protocols or resources on the subject? My experience has been that docs are extremely reluctant to prescribe hydrocortisone, even in physiologic doses. Are the docs in Canada any more progressive than the ones here in the States?

MCGOO, get a diagnosis, even if you have to pay for the testing out of pocket. It's far better to KNOW what's going on ... versus guessing or trying to self-diagnose. Believe it or not, over the long run, you'll actually save money by getting the facts first. You could spend countless dollars on supps that you HOPE will improve your health.


Thanks guys. The more I study this the more complicated it seems to become. You all have been a big help. I had read the adrenal article on here that mentioned a doctor that sells glandulars, or pills made of pig adrenaline glands. I was going to try them and wanted to see if anyone else already had.


The docs in Canada are just as reluctant. You have to find more progressive doctors... Osteopaths and anti-aging docs are generally better at diagnosing adrenal fatigue.

Here's some good resources:





Hey Mcgoo and Bri,

stopthetyroidmadness.com has closed its forums, but there are still some good articles and slef help guides there. A gal took the forums over to


You can make some questions, there and get some help. They are not doctors, just people that have gone through the loop holes of doctors and got no answers. They were a big help to me when I needed them. Canary Labs can do adrenal testing for you. Check it out.