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Adrenal Glands


Hi Everyone

Just got back from the chiropractor and he put me through some tests,seems my adrenal glands and immune system are pretty bad.He basically said i was run down which is correct,chasing a 9 month around and late nights with 6am starts doesnt help,along with my weight training.
He suggested i get some vitamin c into me to try and boost my immune system,but as far as my adrenal glands go im a little concered.

What could i do to improve my adrenal glands? He said i should wake up with an erection most morning's WHICH i dont,i hardly ever wake up with erection unless its being stroked by the wife :smiley:
I normally wake up fuckin dead tired(not a morning person) and just cranky with no appitite at all,have to force myself to eat breakfast.Workouts i usually do have to be very low in volume or ill catch a cold or overtrain very fuckin quickly.Something like TBT works well for me,only 3 days a week seems to work for me.
He mentioned i could also have low testosterone,now he is not sure about all these thing's as he is not a doctor but the chiropractors on this site would know what i mean about how they test these things.

This all goes back to my kindney problem post a few weeks back,maybe its not my kidneys but my adrenal glands?
Any body have any experience in this area or have had similar problems.
Sorry if this post looks a bit rushed,im doing it at work :smiley:

Thanks heaps



I cant help ya on your question...but wtf does a chiropractor know about gland problems. Go see a real doctor and get blood work done.

Chiropractors are a shady business anyways...



For one thing, if you do not have daily erections in the morning, then your t-levels are far from optimal. Have your testosterone and growth hormone levels checked. Have your blood checked by a hollistic MD that can give you some advice and recommendations rather than a chiro. For adrenals, cordyceps can work well. really, though you need to improve the quality of your sleep. 7-8 hours at night and a 30 minute nap after workouts. Make sure you adjust training accordingly. Now is not the time for high volume or high intensity. Get ZMA to improve sleep quality and rest up more.

Mike Mahler


Stimulants like coffee and ephedrine,and also drugs like ecstasy, meth, etc, can burn out your adrenals too. Are you taking any stimulants? It might be time to cycle off if you are.


Try licorice root. It helps with adrenal function. I drink about three cups a day of a tea that is loaded with the stuff. But in all honesty I think that getting more sleep would do wonders for you.

On another note I would like for more people to comment on this thread as this subject is something that is very important to people like me who want to function optimally


From the description of your symptoms you may have what is referred to as adrenal fatigue. I was diagnosed with this syndrome recently and asked for advice here - but no one seems to be very familiar with it. You definetely need to see an MD so that proper blood work can be done to eliminate the possibility of kidney failure or other more serious conditions. Basically I had to change my training to a 3x week low volume TBT routine (less than 40 mins), avoid all processed carbs and sugars (natural and artificial) and stimulants (including caffeine).I also perform some sort of light cardio for 20 mins on my off days. Some doctors may treat you with corticos or ACTH injections, but it depends on how severely your adrenal function is suppressed. Normally, the hypothalmus producing LHRH which tells the pituitary gland how much LH to produce which then directs the testes to produce X amount of testosterone. However,after mid-life the adrenal glands gradually become the major source of T circulating throughout the body. Therefore, your T levels may be depressed due to the suboptimal functioning of your adrenals. However, whether or not a doctor will treat you with HRT depends on alot of factors (mainly age and whether or not your doctor believes the media hype surrounding HRT) and whether or not he/she believes that the introduction of exogenous T will further suppress your adrenal function. Recovery from this will take a while. Here are a couple of sites that help to explain the symptoms, causes, and treatment for the syndrome:




I hope this helps. Good luck!


Hi Magma299

The help the chiro has given me over the years that a doctor couldnt has been fantastic.
They tell what thing's u might have wrong with u by:
Hope this doesnt sound to confusing :confused:

He gets his 2 fingers either side of my spine and has me put me right arm out in front of me,now he will go down my spine inch by inch at the same time pushing down on my hand.Now usually my arm doesnt move because im resisting but when he hits a trouble spot my arm just has no power in it and he can push it down easily.
If this happens he refers to a chart or knowledge from his own head and tell me if its my imune system,lungs,heart that might be struggling a bit.
After he tells me this he will use a gun type device and 2 clicks where the problem was ,tests me again on my arm and it doesnt move,PROBLEM fixed temporarely :smiley:

Now all chiropractors would know what im flapping my gums about.

Thanks everyone who has reply'd to this thread.




Visit your primary medical doctor and tell him all this. I wouldn't assume anything until you have actual lab tests done to find out what's really going on.



The chiropractor you are talking about does what is known as Applied Kinesiology. This technique was developed by a Dr. Goodheart (not sure of the spelling) and is taught through seminars, not as part of the Doctor of Chiropractic degree program. By no means is this practiced by the majority of chiropractors and as a chiropractor I would not like to be associated with it.

I'm glad that you have had good results with that particular doctor. However, I would want to have blood/urine/saliva testing done to evaluate adrenal function.

As far as I know there are no studies that validate that particular type of muscle testing.

If your adrenals are in fact not functioning optimally, Vit C and B5 do help to support function. Also, avoiding stimulants will help. The ZMA suggestion for sleep may also help.

Take care,



Much good advice, you also may want to look at a product by Enzymatic Therapy, called Adrenal-Cortex Complex.


how many people here wake up w/ an erection every morning? I hardly ever and just figured it was normal.


did you ever find out what was wrong??


@ss_8541 what tests did you get done to confirm adrenal fatigue?


@danimal, I regret to inform you ss_8541 died in 2006 from complications arising from adrenal fatigue. I can only hope yours is treated in time so you don’t meet the same fate.


Are you being serious ? How do you know this and what was the cause of death ?


I’m afraid it’s true. The autopsy report cited severe metabolic damage as a major causative factor.


That was such a shame. A real life wtf? moment.


How did everyone find out about this ? If he died how would you guys of known ?


We’re all networked pretty well off of the site too. Regional meet ups, lifting events, social media, etc.


Shit. What other complications did he have ?