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Adrenal Glands, Hypo and TRT. Need Your Advice


Hey friends .. I hope evreything is okey
Im sorry for my weak level in english but i will try to write with it
because here in t nation memebers will help if the topic is in english ... I will try <3
I was an amateur bodybuilder i was in shape my enregy was good i was having a pretty healthy life
I did 3 aas cycles in my life
And evreything was good
Thanks god
After that my health become horrible its not the aas of course but mybe im not lucky in this life
After feeling sick for a month (c'ant walk) feel weak no appetite low sex drive ect low cortisol ect ..
i was diagnostic with adrenal insufficiency the doctor put me on hydrocortisone 30 mg a day .. For 1 year
This drug destroy all my body
I get a fat face i lost all my muscles my joints hurts i crash sometimes .. And my life become sick ..
Really i was missdiagnostic with adrenal insufficiency
And ..
My choice was to stop this drug ... Because death for me is better than eat a pill of hydrocortisone
Its make me depressed
I cant sleep in the night
Sex drive troubles
Puffy face
I cant workout
Destroy evreythings anabolic in the body like muscles bones or joints
I taper it and now im off for about one year of withdrwall
But the damage that still in my body maked me write this topic to you my friends :slight_smile:
When i go to the gym i cant left like i was .. I feel tired in the second set and i leave the gym
Always my blood glucose go down and i feel weak and always i need sugar in my pocket
My joints hurt me
My bones becomes weak
My morning cortisol is good but i still having this sides
After 1 year of stoping the cortisone ..
I put my sleft on trt 250 mg evrey 10 days
But i didnt see any imporovement in my health
Just my sex drive go up a little
I love you guys and im sorry if i bother you :pensive:


Im waiting for you my friends ?