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Adrenal Fatigue


I read the article about adrenal fatigue and several factors discussed seemed to fit my general lassitude. I checked with my doctor and discovered to my horror that I had a serious lack of thyroid. Subsequent little white pills seem to be dragging me back to the present.

Thanks for the Adrenal Article.


so what did your dr give you?


Hey, join the club. I've been on thyroid replacement pills for 10+ years now. It gets better, although my numbers have been a little haywire lately in both directions, so I have to keep getting bloodwork done.



Best article ever (for me so far at least) that salt craving thing really hit a chord, as did nearly all the elements described, recently started adding some of the recommended supps & exercise protocols (still doing the stesdystate for metabolic reasons however)and can already feel the beginnings of a difference...


Good for you. I've been under treatment for almost a year and have just finally started to get the very bad AF symptoms under control with a maximum physiologic dose of hydrocortisol. Waiting on lab results for thyroid as fatigue, lethargy, etc are still an issue. Go Armour!


I am looking for over 55 female powerlifters to talk to. Been working out since May 2006 and am a 65 yr old female


Grimm...Any updates? How goes it?...


Still getting by. Some very minor tinkering with meds (Doc says numbers all look great) otherwise I just have to wait it out and hope to keep improving/recovering. Trying to get two very short, limited workouts in a week instead of one, but fatigue kicks in quick. Whatever exercises I do, even going "light" I quickly lose strength on it and fatigue faster.

So, I can only do maybe two workouts (weeks) in row before I lose enough strength/endurance then have to rest that exercise for one or two weeks. Example I started doing BB ab rollouts a month or so ago, and could do 10 kneeling, the next week only 8, then about two, now I'm taking two weeks and counting off from them, one arm rows for first time in four years could do 150 for 1, 100 for sets of 10, then five, then one, now laying off again, same with weightless one legged stiff leg deadlifts and everything else.

Can only do my (limited) striking workouts once every two or three weeks for same reasons. Getting massage every two weeks now so get one good workout in the day before because I know I'll recover in a couple days with the massage.


Thyroid replacement? Do you mean armour thyroid, or one of those "thyroid factors natural supplements"?