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Adrenal Fatigue?


For the past few months, I have just not felt all that great. Most of the day i am lethargic, i wake up rather stiff every morning and have lost an alarming amount of weight. I did some research on adrenal fatigue and think it might be what is causing the problem, but would like to hear some more opinions.

I am 19 years old, a little less than 160 lbs (i know, "eat more"), have been training consistently since i was 14. So consistently in fact that i can recall only a few weeks this year i have ever deloaded or taken it easy on myself, mostly in the past few months. My training is generally intense and i like pushing myself in the gym: i go to failure a little more frequently than most.

It feels like i get doms for longer periods of time than i used to and i basically have no appetite to put away the food the way i should. My libido is gone, but i don't feel as if i have destroyed myself working out or anything. The amount of work i put into the gym doesn't seem like enough to cause over training.

any thoughts?


Has anything else changed in your life - job loss or personal problems? No diseases or anything? You say you go to failure quite a bit - that can hit you harder than you think.

My .02: take off at least a week and see what happens.


I took the past couple of workouts easier and didn't go as close to failure, but still kept it fairly intense, and am starting to feel a little bit better...maybe it is just time for a deload like you said. I appreciate the input.


I would read John Meadows article on adrenal fatigue and give his advice a go, there's a lot of good info in it. I would also watch your stimulant and alcohol intake. Maybe a little detox of the liver is necessary? Just things that have helped me, I had a similar situation.
And I would go pretty easy in the weight room for at least a weak and watch the amount of heavy lifting you do, as it tends to affect the CNS (deadlifting gets me drained).