Adrenal Fatigue - Road to Recovery

I’ll try to make the history of all this short - but if interested in my first post of not knowing what the hell is going on, search “Stress/Anxiety/Depression & Training” in this section from September…here I outlined my frame of mind in the Fall.

Basically, back in August I started feeling weak. After a few week of feeling like this, and in the hospital for the birth of my 2nd daughter, I googled “muscle weakness”. Everything came back as ALS, muscular dystrophy, MS, etc. I kind of freaked out and I instantly got worse. By worse I mean barely being able to take a shower, shave, mow the lawn, twist the cap off my toothpaste, etc. I had crazy insomnia, unbelievable stress at work and would abused stimulants like no other. No sleep fueled by coffee in the morning, pre-workout stims first thing in the AM (trained at 6am), Monster energy drinks during the day…and an extra scoop of C4 at lunch to give me an afternoon kick. I battled my insomnia with drinking at night and Tylenol PMs as well.

*Note : No other symptoms other than weakness - but too weak to train and even hold my newborn for more than 30 seconds.

Made an apt with my PCP - he definitely noticed the weakness through a series of tests and missing reflexes in arms and legs.
Got an MRI on my spine and brain and an appt with a neurologist. Both MRI’s came back clean and Neuro did a full examination where she said I was fine and diagnosed me w/ “stress and anxiety”…also referred me to a Behavioral Specialist and a bottle of Xanax. Also tested for Myastania Gravis but blood work came back negative. I asked my neuro about adrenal fatigue and she basically laughed at me and said I don’t have it - definitely not. I would be on the floor not able to move, she said.

I took the diagnosis, Xanax and tried to relax I wasn’t dying. However, symptoms got worse - still could work but that’s about it. Insomnia was bad, work was bad, weakness was unbearable. Can’t train at this point and diet is now fast food, pizza and beer.

3 months later I’m still a wreck - follow up appt with my PCP and tell him Im not sleeping - he prescribes me Paxil. So here we are, now January and I’m still suffering from the weakness…and horribly. Saw the neuro again and she insists i’m fine. I move on to the next disease of Lymes - basically freaking myself out again because weakness is a symptom of Lymes…However, weakness and insomnia is the only symptom I have - no joint pain or aches, floaters, etc.

Go and see a different doctor 1.5 weeks ago and he immediately asks if I’ve ever heard of adrenal fatigue as he sees it all the time. He did some manual testing on me (and took blood work) and said it could be Lymes but he doubts it. We would try to treat the AF and if symptoms don’t retreat in a couple months we would look at Lymes deeper.

So here we are - I was relieved that a doctor had experience w/ AF and suggested it himself. Both my neuro and PCP said “no way”. So this doctor prescribes the following protocol to treat the AF - I’m about a week and half in and feeling better (I think). I have good days and bad days.

8am :
50 mg of DHEA
50 mg of Pregnenolone
2 tablets of Drenatrophin PMG
10 mg of Hydrocortisone

5 mg of Hydrocortisone
2 tablets of Drenatrophin PMG

5mg of Hydrocortisone
2 tablets of Drenatrophin PMG

I’m also taking B12, vitamin C, fish oil and magnesium vitamins in the morning and afternoon.

I’m hoping this is the first step in my recovery of AF. Anyone else any experience w/ AF? What was your story like / symptoms and recovery? Any other experiences w/ nothing but muscle weakness?

Any update on your recovery status? Interested because I am concerned I am experiencing similar symptoms.

My story is crazy. And I had another thread started “stress and anxiety” that got a lot more hits than this thread.

Long story short, I did not have AF and I am 100% fully recovered. I’m back in the gym and feeling great. It all came down to stress and anxiety as my first doctor and neuro indicated.

I still can’t believe how bad I was. Stress is no joke, brother. If any of you ever experience anything like this, I feel your pain. Do whatever you can to reduce the stressors in your life.

What exactly are you experiencing?


I came across your post, I would love to hear a little bit of your insight. I am a woman so this might be a bit different.

In October I came down with a terrible case of Costochondritis. It put me under major stress as I would feel like I was having a heart attack. After many trips to the ER/DR’s/CT Scans, I was diagnosed with this and sent home with Advil. I did a ton of research and found out that many times a Chiropractor can heal this. I went to one, and within 2 weeks, I was almost back to my old self.

However, due to all the stress, my cycle started getting out of wack, and was given a bc of progesterone… too much progestorone… it triggered major dizziness, fatigue, and anxiety. I went off of it again, but kept on having hormonal issues.

Pretty much now here I am, two months later, and I have been struggling with muscle fatigue/joint pain/ what feels like weakness throughout the day. It comes and goes, and sometimes I have nothing, but without a doubt… it comes… for hours… every day. I pretty much feel like someone has injected elmers glue into me every day.

My Dr. ran bloodwork to find that I have very high cortisol, high dhea, low vitamin d, and low progesterone. She diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue, and I am now on an adrenal complex plan. She said im in the mild-moderate adrenal fatigue phase.

Just curious if any of this sounds familiar… sometimes I worry that it could be something worse… but I know if I worry, its just going to make this worse… thats what got me here in the first place :neutral_face:

How did this work out?