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Adrenal Fatigue/Iodine Deficiency or More Severe?

-age : 24
-height: 5foot 8 inches
-waist: 35inches
-weight: 168 lbs

-describe body and facial hair:

some black beard and moustache growth, black calf hair, some black chest hair, otherwise thin blond hair around body littlebit.

-describe where you carry fat and how changed:

I am pretty lean before but have gotten fat on belly now. My sixpack is barely visible. Change happened in about 12months

-health conditions, symptoms [history]:

I have not had previous “problems” but,

I have failed to get in to med school three years in a row. Last year when I was about to go take MCAT’s I was so nervous a week before the exam I could barely sleep. Then during the morning of my exam I couldnt even eat breakfast because I had a puking reflex - felt really stressed the entire week, and had been for the past two months.

After that exam in about a year ago, I have felt cognitive decline, lethargy, mental fogginess, concentration problems, lack of motivation. I am studying chemistry in university now, and have harder time than usual because of these problems. Also have wavelike anxiety.

My father had high bloodpressure so everything was low-salt when I was living with them 4 years ago through my teenagehood. I’ve had concentration problems before and lack of motivation but not this mental fogginess and lethargy I am experiencing

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever:
Just some tribulus, but that probably doesnt count, lol.

-lab results with ranges
Labs are very expensive where I am. This basic cost me 300euros, which is as much as my monthly rent as a student so I hope if you guys give advice, I would like to take the most important labs first, before going to vitamin-D or whatever( sorry if this sounds stupid, I am not feeling bright)

B-Hb 162 134-167 g/L
B-HKR 0.48 0.39-0.5
B-Eryt 5.73 4.3-5.7 E12/L !! over the normal range
E-MCV 84 82-98 fl
E-MCH 28 27-33 pg
fB-Leuk 5.0 3.4-8.2 E9/L

S-TSH 0.96 0.4-4.5 mU/L (seems like not in optimal range, middle?)
S-T4-V 14.1 9-21 pmol/L (pretty middle)

-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets]

breffy: cereal in the morning sometimes I skip breakfast,
lunch: school’s socialistic cheap lunch, which is probably 80% carbs. I have salad, rice/potato, fish sticks/chickensauce or what they offer.
“teatime”: sandwich
dinner: usually big, and eat two plates
supper: bowl of cereal

supplements: protein/carb shake after workout, vitamin d 50mg, vitamin C 1g, “animal pak” with loads of more vitamins and minerals, omega 3 & 6 combined as a tablespoon,

recently started taking ginseng.

-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training]:
I’ve stopped training january 2012 to prepare for med exam and didnt start again till january 2013-march 2013, was training 2days on 1 day of 2days on 2 days off, with a diet that made me gain weight. Before in my youth I have been competing successfully in endurance-like sports like soccer and basketball, wrestling in a national level.

-testes ache, ever, with a fever?:


-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed:
I’ve had “strong” ones before, but during the past year they are less strong when I am with my gf. Not so often morning wood anymore either.

What I have done to fix the problem:
I stopped drinking caffeinated products, today I started taking Iodine supplements (meant for nuclear disasters). So I divide a 130mg pill into two, and took 65mg today, and plan to do it for two weeks lowering at the end. Or then try to nib off a piece to make it 50mg and have 0.75g by end of two weeks. Pills are quite expensive btw, like 1euro per 130mg pill.
I felt mentally more clear during the day, but I cant be sure if its placebo.
I also upped my vitamin C intake to 3g per day, and get 400mg magnesium from the vitaminpack and 50mcg of selenium.

Have not exercised for a while either, since beginning of march, mostly once a week due to feeling lethargic.

I appreciate all the feedback and comments you can give me.
Thank you in advance.

ps. I bought wilsons book on adrenal fatigue, ships in 3 days.

You need to be checking body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Should have had that data before iodine.

Any problems with dry or flaky skin? Brittle hair or nails? Feel cold easily?

Where are you located? Seems odd that you have to pay for labs like this.

No student health services?

Is your thyroid gland enlarged? You neck appears thick there? Asymmetric? Feels lumpy? Doctor palpates your thyroid?

If you have problems with low iodine, your father probably has hypothyroid issues on top of his heart and blood pressure problems; that is really bad. He need iodine. Do some research, you should be able to find economical sources.

So what is wrong with taking vitamin D? Vit-D3 gets converted to vit-D25 which is an essential steroid hormone that is needed for proper gene expression and more.

Have you read the advice for new guys sticky?