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Adrenal Fatigue/Insomnia

How should training change when dealing w/ adrenal fatigue/insomnia. I’m no longer using any stimulants, but can’t seem to get quality sleep at night. I wake four hours after I fall sleep and never really fall back into a deep sleep. I supplement w/ vit c, an adrenal sup, ZMA, taurine, rhodiola. Carbs are typically around 200-300 on training days. Should I take time completely off from the gym? This seems to be a cortisol issue, do you have any experience w/ insomnia/adrenal fatigue/cortisol issues?

Sorry for so many questions, any response is appreciated.

Hey Op,
I by no means have Thibs expertise and I’m not trying to fill in for him (I actually posted a question a few below you). Anyways a cpl years back my adrenal glands were BONE dry per the hospital. My CNS was caving in, and I simply was having a physical breakdown. Body would tremble throughout the day, voice was gone. Not a good experience, and took MONTHS to recover.

I wouldnt take any sleeping agents. I refused. However the doc finally got thru to me by suggesting Benadryl. She told me its gentle enough she recommends it for her pregnaunt patients. At my size (roughly 225ish, 6’1, 8-10% body fat) she recommended 4 pills. Heres the thing, it doesnt make me sleepy, but when I do sleep, it keeps me out. To this day when I feel those symptoms creeping up on me, I’ll cycle some benadryl for a cpl weeks till I feel myself come back.

I also took 2 weeks off from the gym. I didnt count calories, macros, fats, carbs, protein or anything. I jus’ made clean, QUALITY choices when I ate. Hope this helps and good luck!

  1. Avoid all stimulants, they will just burn out the adrenal glands even more and raise cortisol

  2. TAKE SOME TIME OFF… you don’t have a choice if you want to recover from this, do not resume training until you are sleeping well and feeling normal/good during the day

  3. Caffeine-free BRAIN CANDY in the morning and POWER DRIVE in the early afternoon will do tons to help the nervous system recover

  4. Pulse with MAG-10 3-4 times a day

  5. For sleeping, when that happened to me I used a double dose of ZMA… the magnesium is a great relaxant and help to sleep and will not have negative effects

  6. I’m not sure about the Benadryl, I know that NyQuil messed me up even more.


Do you think just a general lack of energy during the day and always feeling tired is probably caused by adrenal fatigue For a few weeks now I feel like I could use a nap after only being awake for a couple hours after getting up. And it probably doesn’t help that I work in law enforcement and change shifts every 2 months so I’m always trying to sleep at different times of the day.