Adrenal Damage and Surgery

KSman posted in another thread:

Car accidents, surgeries, illnesses, job loss, deaths in the family, divorce etc can all hammer one’s adrenals.

Is it the stress on the body/psyche that does it? Can it be corrected?

The reason I ask is because in 2005 I had a torn meniscus scoped and recovered well. Then in
2006 I had surgery to reattach a ruptured bicep tendon, 6 to 8 weeks later I basically “forgot” how to sleep and ended up using Ambien every night to sleep.
Thinking back, I wonder if this was the start of my declining energy/fitness/wellbeing.

I had only had occasional trouble sleeping before that, now it’s more rare that I don’t have trouble sleeping.

Could this info help an Endo treat me if I find a good one?

When one goes through surgery they will have elevated rt3 levels. After dealing with hundreds of these cases, I have seen people levels not return to normal months after the surgery. In these cases a little t3 and nutrients that help t4 to t3 conversion are implemented as well as proper adrenal support identified from an adrenal saliva test 24 hour. Cortef may be needed at up to 6 months or less then tampered back down. Your Dr has to look how the other hormones have been affected from the primary cause and support the whole endocrine system to get optimal recovery

Why don’t surgeons know this and watch for it as part of recovery?

So it’s possible that my levels never returned to normal, and caused a domino effect with low Vit D and Testosterone?

Is it possible that my system might recover if the thyroid issue is corrected, or am I past that “golden moment” and the damage is done?

Can’t respond to all of that.

Surgeons know how to cut and paste and we want them to be good at that. They are not focused on these other issues and do not focus on the influences of prior events, just the task at hand. From what I have had to deal with, I do really feel that there is a post surgical gap, insert medical procedure of your choosing, where one is ‘discharged’ an no one is focused on how you are healing or managing.

OK, go home and pack your wound *, it might close up in three months…

  • what, you have not been trained how do to that, well I did tell you what to do for 2 minutes! Sorry that you were brain fogged from the infections, that I caused, pain killers and loosing 14 pounds in two weeks and did not become fully skilled!

Learned today that I need an other surgery to repair a ‘insitional hernia’ which is cause by infection preventing proper healing of abdominal fascia.

Sorry for hijacking your question.

No prob KSman, I feel your pain.

this thread brings back bad flashbacks…

Go to amazon and buy Dr. Wilson’s book on Adrenal Fatigue…you can instantly download the e-version for like $8. This will answer all of your questions and is an excellent read.

So I have to wonder how much of my struggle to recover from my surgery might involve adrenal issues. If I had tested cortisol, that could have resolved that concern.

Yea its a good book, I know many people in the medical field dismiss the notion of adrenal fatigue, and Wilson is not an MD, the book isnt written in an academic manner with references as well…yet it pretty much reads like my life story in some areas and is crazy accurate for alow of what I went through…and the book, folks on here, and my doctors have all said 1-2 year recovery…which Im wrapping up year one about, and might be feeling 50% of what I used to prior to medical issues (various surgeries and doctors mistakes, infections, overmedicated on anti biotics, stress of being misdiagnosed, being put on tons of pain meds, muscle relaxers, sleep meds, etc etc)…but 50% feeling is great compared to being like 10% of your former self, being sick and in pain all the time, miserable, no energy, foggy head, really crappy quality of life…

So yea if you might have some adrenal issues its worth looking into from my experience…