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Adorable Schwarzenegger Discussion


I made this this morning at school. I have another with his brother uploading now, I'll post it soon.


Here's his older brother:


But I... I thought we were friends.


Way to post a private video you douche.


I don't know how that happened...lemme change that, sorry!


Yeah, fixed now, I don't know why it went to private like that. Never happened before.


This kid's parents are gonna get pissed.


Dude......video other people's kids and post them on he net?

Too far, homie.


oh hush.

i lol'd



I cant fake being concerned? I was trying to start an arument with Nards.


They are his friggin students. You guys read too much into this.


Yeah! A good arument is what we need in this here thread!




No we don't!!


Sorry but you're wrong, they were happy with the videos and were thankful for them. I made the videos because these two boys were leaving to return to California and the parents asked if I had any other pics of them from their time here in Taiwan.

Ct Rockula, all arguments can be made on my youtube page in the "How To Not Work Out" videos where they belong.


They first vid was gold, fucking hilarious.


Great teaching, Mr. Nards. Not just the language, but the vocab and conversational flexibility.


The first vid was priceless!


I was surprised at how he could repeat words that I only said once or twice, like Terminator and Predator as well as the older brother getting Schwarzenegger right the first time!


But now our governer is some skinny old bald guy; it was that or a fat chick. I am dissapoint.