Adonis Complex

I need some advice. I am completley obsessed with my physique- to unhealthy extremes. No, I havent taken steroids, but think about what I eat and my cardio and weight workouts so much that Im never happy with how I look (commonly known as Adonis Complex). Im tall and 155 lbs, 10% bf, and in good shape, but Im always stressing over counting calories (everyday, every meal- even if I try not to think about calories) and how I could make myself look better. I binge eat a few times a week, taking in extreme huge amounts of shitty junk food in one sitting, only to feel miserably guilty until the next day when I workout for long periods of time and eat barely enough to be satisfied throughout the day. I need to know how to continue to workout and feel good about it and my lifestyle and eating habits. I know that this may mean lowering my standards, and Im cool with that if I know I’ll be happier. Should I take a week break? This is really taking away from my self esteem- have any of you had this problem? What did you do to continue to workout and eat well but not spend so much time beating yourself up over it? I know this has to stop somehow. Please help me out- any thoughts on it would be really appreciated.

I have found the best way to get control of this is to plan your binges. Kind of like the BodyOpus Diet except not so extreme for long term. Eat “clean” and low carb for Mon thru Fri then allow yourself to binge for 36 hrs over the weekend. This is your reward for keeping control over the week and it is easier to say no to Ben and Jerrys if you know you can have it Sat. Keeps your metabolism guessing too.

With all due respect to girlfriend, if you are not embellishing you story, then you need to see a shrink. All of us are concerned with our appaerance, but you are taking this to unhealthy extremes. Binge eating is a symptom of something. See somebody.

Just an observation…not ment to be criticism…but you said you’re 155lbs right? Well you’re a lightweight. Why not ditch all the obsessive calorie counting and start putting on some weight (Lean mass). If you’re one of those guys that has to be lean all the time, try Massive Eating. It was designed for such persons.
When you’re overfeeding, you’ll never be guilty about eating junk food, because yo won’t want any! Your body is trying to tell you something.

I don’t think that any “tall” person should be worried about being at 10% bf if the are 155 lbs. Wrap your head around putting on some size. Don’t plan to binge (no offence Girlfriend).

Just get over yourself and get a life Deano…you take yourself way too seriously.

Maybe you wouldn’t worry so mucch about how you look if you gained 50lbs.

I guess what I should of said is this is a way to get control of (resist) your cravings when you are dieting. The guys are right, if you are “tall” and weigh only 155 you are probably not eating enough and your body is insisting you take in more calories- betcha don’t know how many calories you are eating when you binge. Have “good” food precooked and readily available, protein bars within reach and search this site for info on how many calories you should be taking in to increase LBM.Pick a workout program that has your goals in mind and stick with it. DO NOT punish yourself for binging by starving yourself the next day,it will not improve your physique or mental status.
Sounds like you might be overtraining? In which case a week off would be a good idea.