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Adonis Complex or Muscle Dysmorphia

I’m interested in getting peoples opinion on the “Adonis Complex” and also if anyone would identify themself in this category.

I think it’s interesting that it’s aimed at men; and most people say that BBs have “adonis complex”, but then what do women BBs have? or is it possible that working out is a hobby for some and not for others?

Ok…so I just found some research that says women can have it too, do you think this is common?

I’m in this category, I think. I just want to be big. The really big kind of big. The “Ewwww! that’s gross” kind of big. And when I look at myself, I feel small and weak. I KNOW that I’m not that small, but I still FEEL it. Hard to explain…

I feel like I have the obession part of it…I hate my body and want to get bigger,but I don’t have the complusions to go to the gym for hours a day, in fact, I hate going…but I think that some of it is becuase I obese about how skinny I am that I don’t feel like I deserve to workout with the big guys…make sense?

I know what Steele means. I started working out because my dad was buff when he was my age and then let his body go to hell and died at age 60. I did not want to follow the same foot steps. Now that I am bigger and stronger then my dad ever was, I still feel as if I am not big enough. I do not know how big is too big, but I do know that I want to continue to get big.

Don’t think of myself as “big and strong” at all. Started scrawny, and have definitely improved on that (5’8 1/2", 173#), and always flip-flop between realizing that I’m in better shape than just about everyone I know outside of the gym & thinking that I’m really sub-par.

It helps to have a T-Vixen who points out the obvious good qualities, but I’m definitely still living with the mind-set of a scrawny person.